Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Haylee - Newborn portraits

Wow, I just found this blog post that I never published. It is a little over a year old now, but the images are too cute to not post, so I hope you enjoy!

This little beauty's name is Haylee. I took her mom's senior pictures a while ago you can see them if you click here, she is a beauty herself. I got to take Haylee's pictures when she was only 7 days old. She was soo tiny, I loved it. She did great curling up and sleeping as hard as she could. She also had tons of family there to support her on her first photo shoot.

This picture is worth more than words. Grandpa wasn't supposed to make it to see the baby because of an aggressive cancer that was found. But Miraculously it disappeared and he is here to see this little beautiful girl. What a blessing!

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Erin @ His and Hers said...

What an amazing gift for your grandfather to be able to meet his granddaughter. Those pictures are precious!

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