Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simple gifts & hubby greatness

Last night Matt and I opened each others gifts. We will be leaving tonight to head down to south Louisiana (the swampland) back home. So we decided to do our own Christmas on Mon night. We plugged in our Christmas tree lights and turned Harry Connick Jr on. I got Matt and new dress shirt and tie since he'll need a lot of those in the next coming months. I also got him a new light weight fleece for those days he rides the bus and its a lil chilly. Matt loves Get Smart, he used to watch it all the time when he was younger so I got what I thought was the old episodes but it was a movie with the old characters...so he was excited nonetheless. I have started watching a new show (new to me) Pushing Daises. I absolutely love it! its such a creative and whimsical show. There's a lot of verbage and its told in a storybook fashion. so Matt got me the first season, since we (meaning I) started watching it in the second season. Now I can find out whats really going on. haha. He also got me a 2 year subscription to "Real Simple" magazine . Which is the best mag. out there. My mom started to receive it LONG ago, when they first came out. I used to take hers and read it all, and she'd never see it..sorry mom. so she ordered it for me for a few years. I think i have almost every issue still at my house. For my final gift my Wonderful Hubby gave me a sewing machine. I am Soooo excited. I tried to take a sewing class a few months back but i didnt have my own sewing machine, so I couldnt take it. Matt remembered me being upset and wanted to get it for me. I was so surprised because I didnt think he remembered me talking about it, because I often talk about things I want and then I forget about it. lol. I am pretty excited becuase now I can hem my own pants and finish some pursed I tried to make in college. Sad huh? So now everyone might be receiving handmade items for the next few birthdays and holidays. lol. I will have to make post the pics of us later. I just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful Hubby I have. As we all know!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

James & Naomi

James & Naomi are our friends from college. Matt and James have known each other since they were little kids, so it was nice to be asked to do their wedding. It was at a beautiful church in Baton Rouge. Here are just a few pictures from the big day. There will be more to come. I have been VERY slow at getting things up. I have lots of sessions to blog about so today I am trying to catch up. Let me know what ya think!

Kris' at City Park

Here are a few images from Kris' senior session. We took his up at city park in new orleans. I lOVE that part of town. The big oaks are just beautiful. We took a few around the museum of art and then headed to the back to the peristyle. Here is a link to city park. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ashton's Sr. pics

This past weekend I went back home and photographed my friend Rachel's wedding and also did senior pictures for Ashton. I had such a great time taking Ashtons pictures. I went back to where I took Dylan's pictures because I knew their were a few more spots down there that I wanted to take pictures at. Ashton was so much fun and so beautiful. It was impossible to take a bad picture. Here are a few from her session. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dylan's Senior pics

When I went down to visit my new niece I also took some senior pictures. I have known Dylan for a while now. His family attends my home church and he is friends with my nephew Sean. When his mom asked me to take his sr. pics, I was sooo thrilled. I love doing portraits. Especially on location. We went to Kenner to River town on the levee. they have a little downtown area, it was really fun to shoot  there. Here are a few pics of Dylan from our photo session. 

Talia Rose

My Big sis Kelly (and by big i mean older) had baby #4 last week. I am sooo happy to have another niece to love on.  I LOVE all 6 nieces and nephews that I have now, but there's always more room in my heart for another child to love. So Kelly had planned to have her C-section on the 24th of oct. but Talia had other plans. She decided she didn't want to wait any longer to meet her mommy and family, so she came on the 22nd. My brother and his wife and I all headed down as soon as we could to see the new addition. And she's such a beautiful baby. I held her for 5hrs. straight b/c I didnt want to let her go. bad habits i know but I love when they are at this age because they are soo cuddly, and sweet and loveable. haha. I took pictures of her for my sister to use as baby announcements but I am going to post them anyway so everyone can see how cute she it. Her name is Talia Rose Guillory. She was 8.5Ibs and 20in. She was such a big baby. Her big sisters are soo in love with her. Big brother Sean is happy too. 

Big Sister Sadie

My Favorite pose!

Talia talking to me. 

Talia and her daddy.
Layin on her mommy, with her hands under her chin...so funny!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


 My nephew Sean is a Major skateboarder. He lives, breathes and sometimes eats skateboarding.  He has been doing this for quite some time now. His first skateboard was my brothers from the 1980's that he had found.  In the past few months he was asked to be sponsered by a local skate shop. This means that will eventually get free skate stuff (decks, shirts, trucks).  The local shop was hosting a competition this past weekend and Sean won second place. We are all sooo proud of him and his accomplishments. He's finally starting to see what he has worked so hard for. Here are a few pics oh him a few years ago at a skate park in Hammond, La. 
                                                          Sean jumping over 7 boards! 

                                                          Sean (right) and his gang. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

George Ranch

A few weekends ago (after gustav and before Ike) Matt & I went to visit my brother Cameron and my new sister in law Mariamgely in Houston.  We went by the George Ranch where they still have a working farm. It was really cool to see that they had  houses from different periods in time. They also had a cattle show, where they showed us what they would really do when they are roping them in. I felt so bad for the calves...but they seemed used to it. Here are a few pics from the wknd. Below is an old beautiful church, little chicks that cameron saved from the sunlight,  one of the old houses and the cowboy show. The bottom pics are of us playin around. lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Humming season

Before Matt and I moved we had a  little oasis in our backyard (as I like to call it). We had bird feeders, corn for the squirrels, and a resident snake matt didnt tell me about till we moved. Thank goodness. We tried to make our new apartment feel like home so we brought a few of our plants and our hummingbird feeder to put on our balcony.  Since the seasons are changing (unfortunately not in the south, but somewhere) we are starting to see more of our hummers come around to eat before they fly south.  Right before Ike came (the hurricane) we saw like 4-6 of them fighting to eat.  They are really funny birds.  Sometimes they dont see us when they are fighting and almost run into us.  Here are a few of them trying to catch a bite. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricane Guests!

We had the great pleasure this labor day wknd to have matt's sister and her 3 children visit.  They came to visit because Gustav was visiting their house. I was a little nervous because we now live in a small apartment and I was afraid we might get tired of each other. But, it didnt seem that way once we all settled in. I actually had a GREAT time.  We did tons of shopping and went to the movies, and spent lots of "quality" time together. The girls are 13 and 12, and Logan is 8. We talked about boys and played charades. I took them by my work to show them the longhorn cows in the front yard of my office. I am totally amazed by these HUGE things. Here's a few pics of us playin around! I wish everyone in La. the best with the storm and I hope everyone had minimal damage! God Bless!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lori & Davids wedding!

Here are a few pictures from Lori & Davids wedding. Lori was my best friend in college so I was thrilled to shoot her wedding. We drove OVER to Many on a friday night so we were able to send time in town before the wedding. It was a great time! enjoy!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here is just a taste of our trip to Puerto Rico. We had a great time and we were keptvery busy. I think we covered just about the whole island. These pics are from San Juan on our second day. It was beautiful. We went to the old fort "el morro". It was used to keep pirates out. How cool is that....well it was used to keep out others too!

the view from El Morro looking out at San Juan

el yunque rainforest

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my humble abode!

For those of you that know me, you know that we recently had to sell our house to move to Texas...It was a very sad time for all of us. So here is a quick picture of what we moved from and what we moved to. It is very hard to move from a 3b/2b home to a 2b/1b apartment w/ no yard. But we managed thanks to our parents who have half of our stuff at their homes waiting for us to pick up on our next move. We do like our new town. It is daylight till almost 9pm, which is really cool because that means I can stay out longer taking pictures. My plan is to put really cool pictures that I take while I am away so that I can share with everyone, just like if I was at home. Later I will put up some pictures from Puerto Rico for my brothers wedding.



Monday, August 11, 2008

Maiden voyage!

So, here is the maiden voyage of my new blog. Im not really sure how this thing works, so hopefully I'll get better as I go along. This blog is meant to keep all of my friends and family updated with our current lives since we have moved west. Lets see how it works!

Comments are much appreciated!