Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet my new nephew - Gaston

Welcome to the family, Gaston!

I got to meet my new nephew on Wednesday. I was soo excited all day and couldn't stand waiting to meet him. My brother drove up from Houston to a nearby town to pick him up. Since he had to pass through on his way home,  he stopped by our office to show us his new pup.

 His eyes look a lil crazy in this one, but he was super sleepy.

He didn't want to get out of his kennel, I guess he really liked it in there and was still tired.

Me, my bro, and Gaston.
(look at his tongue hanging out)

Back in the kennel for the ride home and to meet his momma.But first he had to get a couple of licks in.

Sad face.

Now here he is getting back on the road to meet his momma.

We are so excited about the new addition and we hope Mac will be able to share the spotlight. I hope he will be a good big cousin to Gaston. Next weekend is the big race so they will get some quality time then. I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's go for a ride

For my Birthday last year, Hubby bought me a cruiser bike. We were out of town for my birthday on memorial day weekend having a great time in Dallas with my college besties. When we got home I found a box on my front porch that had a bike on it.
(Here is where she lived before we got our dining table. This is before I tricked her out w/ a bike bell and sweet basket.) 

 I was soo excited. I wanted a cruiser bike for a long time. My ten speed from when I was 12, just wasn't working for me anymore. The chain keeps skipping, and Matt pretty much refuses to ride it at all, and when he does, it isn't very pleasant. The bike came with a front basket, a cup holder and a large rear, ready for a future basket for the pup. I haven't ridden it too much because I am waiting on Matt to finally get a bike as well, so we can ride together. Also, I didn't want to leave Mac at home while I was riding because I knew  he would love to ride with me (or so I imagine). We tried one of us walking him while the other rode, but it just didn't work out. So for Christmas, Matt got me a basket from Cynthia's twigs. We finally could ride together, Mac and I!

(Here she is tricked out (bling bling). I forgot to mention we put lights put on her since its a requirement in our city. So she now has a white laser beam in the front and red lights in the back that can flash or be steady. I feel nerdy and fancy at the same time.)

I got Mac to sit in the basket on our living room floor so that he could get used to it for a few days, and he did great. (treats helped)

(Doesn't he look excited? note the sarcasm)

 So the next test was putting it on the bike and walking him around on it. 

He did very well, so we set off on a ride up and down the street.  

Now look back at the pictures, it is so funny to see him looking at the camera in all of them. He cracks me up. Especially the one where Matt is riding down the street and you see Mac looking back. haha. It could be confused with his creepy stare. Either way it is pretty funny.

Here are some more recent pictures from our bike rides. Since Matt and I are training for a 10k in April,  Matt would run, and Mac and I would ride alongside him. We tried this for a few days, then Mac got kinda heavy going up hills that weren't even really hills. All I have to say, is that it is a great work out riding with a 16lb dog on your bike. 

I am also thinking that we should have gotten the front basket for him since he is very nosy and likes to see everything. He often rocks the bike back and forth because he is trying to see.  We are still working on that with him as well with him staying seated. We keep loads of treats in the cup holder and in our pockets when we go out. 

Has anyone else tried a basket for their pet on a bike? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Houston Rodeo

Matt and I have gone to the Houston Rodeo ever since we moved to Texas. We really enjoy seeing all the animals in the livestock area, the baby animals, the shows and of course the real rodeo. This year my family came over to my brothers house to experience it for the first time. All of us armed with our cowboy boots, we were ready. There will be lots of pics, so I apologize.

 I want to note how awful I look in this picture, but my Mom and Sis look great, so I had to post it.

Matt and I on the bus after parking.
 Mom and Dad

I told Matt to not look at the camera and he did, so I got this creepy smile from him. bahaha.

Inside the livestock area, you got to see the piglets and calf's that were just born within the past few days. It was so fun. 
 Here are some really "pretty" tractors that 4-H students rebuilt and painted. 

 Here is T and me with our matching red boots. She is definitely the cuter of the two of us. 
 The girls w/ their boots on. 
 I love this picture of the three girls where T is crying. 
 The rodeo! Here is the covered wagon race. 
They also had the calf chase and Muttin Bustin', but I didn't get good pictures of those. 

The performer that night was Brad Paisley and he was great! Matt and I really love his music and were excited that we were going to get to see him. I was worried about my brother since he doesn't like Country music, but he really enjoyed it. He put on a good show.  I kept thinking my Dad would love him, since he is really awesome on the guitar, but I forgot that my Dad isn't used to the electric guitar. He told me it was too loud when I asked him if he liked it, oh well.
 His stage turned in a circle so everyone could see, it was really neat. 

 The fairgrounds outside

I will post some more pictures soon of the weekend since it was my brothers birthday too. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mac - Picture of the week - The stare

Does anyone else's pet give them the stare? Mac is notorious for that. He will sit at the end of the hall way and either stare off into space or just stare at us. It is sometimes kinda creepy, in which we call him the creeper, but he does this all the time. Here are some examples:

Chilling in the chair across the room
 (The close up)
 (don't look at all the stuff on my counter tops, its always that messy.)

Staring at me in the hallway. 

Staring off into nothingness. We were in the middle of playing ball and he just stops and stares.
Here he is in the yard just looking off into the distance. 

Here he is staring at nothing while sitting in his half empty pool. 
See nothing! nothing to look at.

(I guess another question to ask is why is he sitting his his half empty pool. You've got me on that one. I am not sure if he doesn't realize there is no water or not.)

Does anyone else catch their pet staring off into the distance? Does anyone else think it's kinda creepy odd? 

Comments are much appreciated!