Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Scream Hello

A few weekends ago Matt & I got a phone call (text) from my nephew telling us to come and visit him. My nephew lives 7 hours away, however my sister (his mom) was traveling through Dallas to Colorado to go skiing at that time so we both thought he was with her. Dallas still being a good 3.5-4 hours away, we were thinking no way are we driving up there and coming right back. We had no idea that he had traveled to the Woodlands with his buddy's band, I Scream Hello. Being the night before Valentine's day we had no plans, except sitting on the couch and veggin out, so we decided to take the hour trip to go and see Sean. My nephew is not in the band but is a big supporter and kind of a free spirit, so he loves things like this. I was worried though that we might not like the music. We were hoping it was not the screaming pig noises, I think we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. I brought my camera along to see if I could be good at this band action-shot gig. I was definitely not used to shooting in "extremely" low lighting, a lot of moving around, and multi color strobes. However it was a great experience and now I have been opened up to one more type of photography. Below are a few shots from that night. Be sure to check out their music, they are actually really good. (I will attach a link later today) Enjoy!





Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a snow day!

Yesterday it snowed just a little bit here in East Texas. Being from the south I still love it when it snows since I don't get to see it very often. It only snowed enough to barely cover the ground and in fact was almost all gone by 8am this morning. I will just have to cherish the memories of yesterday. Here are a few pictures that I captured of limbs on a tree right outside my door at work. I hope you enjoy the close details of the snow/ice on them.




I love naked trees.

 Here is how it looked driving into work when the snow was really coming down.
 Here is how it looked when I was leaving for the day just a few hours later. I think the Longhorns had no problem with eating in the cold.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Newlyweds

 I am sooo excited to announce today that hubby and I are the featured Newlyweds this week on Jenna's awesome blog called, get this, Newlyweds. The post is about Matt & I and how we met and when I knew he was the one. Jenna is a great blogger who writes about her life with her hub's and twin boys along with other hobbies that keep her busy . Wow, that's a woman. Be sure to go and check us out!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Dat!

A few weekends ago Matt and I went down to my parents house for a brief visit and an e-session. We took pictures Saturday morning in the French quarter (see A New Orleans engagement below) then met up with my sister and her family for a day to revel in the spirit of the New Orleans Saints going to the super bowl. We had a great time out there with everyone and got to do a whole lot. We ran into an old college friend and her family two times that day. (whats the likely-hood?) We visited the Aquarium, went to a parade and ate at Drago's (famous for their oysters).   !!!Warning: lots of pictures!!!

Matt taking our old college friend Liz and her family's picture. Its not often anyone lets him have a camera
my new favorite picture. Note the address "411", love it. 
I should have gotten one of these shirts before the Superbowl, they were so cute. 
Matt & I ran across a performance by a couple of bands and dance troops in the Spanish plaza while we were waiting for my sister to get there. 
This is how we roll! Next time we are getting one of these to ride in.

Talia feels at home here. Doesn't she look like she will fit in with her fish face? She can be the leopard shark!

Even the fish are fans!
Look at all of those smiling faces. Can you see the diver in this picture?
There he is! He is even wearing a saints jersey.  
Hello down there!
Not sure if Dad thinks he's at a rock concert or not! but yes, the aquarium does rock!
Tally girl actually smiling
Mr. Alligator, White Alligator to you!
The Shark tank!
Everyone after the parade on Canal St. *Talia is asleep in the stoller.* Jealous a lil!
 Matt, Me & Emma (my mini me).

Matt & I during the game

And finally, our great saints themed king cake that we actually went home for *hehe* 

dara may photography

flower power

Isn't this the cutest little flower set. The Savvy photographer is giving one away, and who wouldn't want their little girl to wear this? Be sure to visit her blog to see how to enter the giveaway. I know I will be trying to win one for all of those newborn sessions coming up. The Savvy photographer is one of my newest favorite blogs that I read every day and always has great ideas. Be sure to go and stop by her website to check it out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Orleans Engagment

This weekend I was able to go home and visit (briefly) with my family that I miss so much. More on that story later! While we were in town I was able to take some engagement pictures of Michelle and Paul. We met early on Saturday morning at the Aquarium downtown. I was so nervous about what the crowds might be like because of Mardi Gras and with the Saints being in the Super Bowl, but just as I was hoping, most people were not out yet. But thirty minutes later, the tour buses started to roll in and my empty streets were empty no more. We did get some great shots and were able to dodge most of the people. With more people on the streets you would think that we would be able to avoid the "fun police", NO, that was not the case. We were in violation of "being to serious" and "being too white". Gotta love New Orleans. Apparently we violated that a few times as we were stopped by almost every "fun police". Oh, and I forgot to mention the 40 mph winds that we were facing. Luckily when we ducked in the alley ways we could avoid most of it. In the end, Michelle and Paul were troopers and were up for anything. Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend.



This is one of my favorites. I think the masks look so fun! 

Classic New Orleans. Look how great the clouds were that day. 

      Michelle's legs were so straight. Isn't this a fun picture!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month of Love special

Since February is the month of love and since I love babies, (I mean who doesn't?), I will be having a special for all newborn sessions. This is something I am trying to specialize in, I've really missed all the babies I used to photograph back in my PI days. So for all you lucky new parents or soon to be parents out there, this is your lucky day. You don't even have to be a mommy-to-be to purchase this. If you know someone who is expecting this year, this would be great as a gift for any occasion.

       I am offering 20% off the session fee and 50 free mommy cards.

Details: You must purchase this session (I offer gift certificates) in February, but it is good for all of 2010. You do not have to take the pictures this month (February). The child can be ages newborn up to 3mos at the time of the session.The Mommy cards are tailored to the new mom or dad. It will have the child's picture and the parents information, unless otherwise stated by the client.

Comments are much appreciated!