Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Katy's Bridals

A few months ago I took pictures of my good friend and Tau Beta Sigma lil sis, Katy. Hubby and I drove up to Shreveport for the weekend and were able to shoot Katy's bridals and engagements. I have been sooo excited about her bridals and now that she is finally wed, I can post them. I am so in love with how these came out. I hope that you enjoy them too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my new petti's

I finally received my much anticipated petti skirts! Give me a call to schedule an appointment to have your daughters pictures taken in them! How can you resist!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Newborn- Baby Cille

For the holiday weekend Matt and I packed up our car along with our new puppy and made the long and tiring journey across south Louisiana. Luckily Matt's wonderful sister lives in Lake Charles, so we were able to stop at her house in the midnight hours on Friday. Mac got to meet his new pup-cousins, Cosmo and Hank. He had a great time. Saturday Mac got to run like never before at Matt's parents house in Baton Rouge. They have a lot of property and Mac had never experienced that before. He had the run of the place. Although he tried many times to dive into their fish pond, He had a GREAT time at their house and didn't want to leave. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to meet a whole bunch more people at my family's house in New Orleans. He had plenty of miniature people to play with as well as us adults, a rabbit and an alligator. Needless to say, I don't think he wanted to come back, and neither did we. While we were home I was able to take pictures of baby Cille. You might remember her family here. Well she finally arrived and here is a sneak peek of her newborn pics.

I promise more to come. Cille tried really hard to be awake for her pictures so that gave us some extra time with big sister Stella. Stella serenaded us with her best impression of Giselle from Enchanted, and we applauded her performance. I think Stella had so much fun that she wanted to come with us. We were flattered, but Matt guaranteed her that we aren't that fun once we get home.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our new addition!

A few weekends ago Matt and I added to our family. Our new bundle of joy, bouncing baby boy, McAmis Neyland. We adopted a West Highland Terrier from Rose City Westies. They had such beautiful mommas and babies, that we couldn't resist them. We went and met them when Mac was 5wks old, and finally got to bring him home when he was 9wks. He is now 10.5 wks old and is getting so big. We are kennel training him at the moment and that is going very well. We are still working on potty training him, along with using a bell for him to ring when he needs to go potty. (very cool). He is also teething! That is not the fun part of a puppy, but hopefully he will be out of that stage soon! We love him very much and can not imagine him not apart of our small family. So here are a few pictures of our new baby boy! Also, I want to congratulate the Pourciau's on their new baby girl, Cille. She joined them today. Welcome baby Cille, we can't wait to meet you. I took the Pourciau's pictures a few weeks ago (my last post).

Here we are at the Breeders house picking him up to take home with us. Doesn't he look sweet. He was so sweet and sleepy the whole first day.
                The car ride home. what a cutie.
This is when we got home the first day. He looks so little in this picture. He would just sit there and not do much.

    Watching me while I was on the computer to which he now likes to come over to and attempt to chew cords.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pourciau Family

A few weeks ago I got the chance to photograph some family friends of ours from back home. I got to take their pictures the first time they were expecting and they asked me again to get some pictures of their family before lil' Cille joins them in just a few days. Scarlett and Damon are such a fun couple to hang around, and I have to mention Scarletts hilarious sense of humor. She usually has us laughing so hard, that we start to cry. (just ask her about their trip to Europe) Be sure to check out their newly updated family blog here. I hope you enjoy the few images below.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big News!!!!

The Big news is finally here!!!!! On my birthday I landed my first cover page. (thats why it was birthday size). The magazine is officially out so I wanted to show you the cover. This picture is of Lil Noah. Isn't he just a cutie. This is their session I did last year. His parents DeJunne' and Anthony had this great idea to put him in his daddy's hat and shoes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pay Pal

I now accept payment through Pay Pal. Let me know if you need an invoice sent to you. You can also pay for your portrait sessions with Pay Pal!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big News

I have some HUGE news to tell all. BIRTHDAY sized news! BUT, I can't tell you yet till it's official. I know you will be excited though. I will keep you posted.


Summer time.

Since this week is the last week of school for most, I decided to post about some things you would need during the summer. All things are from my favorite online store ETSY. This is where all things are home made/vintage. I have gotten so many great things from here, that I just love to see what I will find next. For your next summer trip I thought these few items might help you along.

1. For those sunny days on the river, the pool or just in the backyard, you could always use a big floppy hat. Every summer I have been getting one since 2006. I lost the one I had last year due to falling in the river. I did get it back, but it turned yellow and lost it's shape, so I had to retire it to Oscar the grouch's home. Here is my etsy find for a hat.

This hat is from the seller: sheenasatana. 

2. The next item on my list is another item that I currently have. I actually just got this item a few weeks ago at a local flea market that we went to when my brother came up. If you look at the post below of chelsea, you will see it. I have been looking for a great suitcase for a few years now, and when I saw this one, it was love at first sight. I had a suitcase that wasn't as cool, so I put travel stickers all over it to spruce it up, however it doesn't compare to my new one. Here's a similar suitcase from the ETSY shop of: Flyingace.

 3. This item I thought would be super cool for those summer nights by the campfire. I mean isn't that what camping is all about? A campfire? with smores? Even in 100 degree weather, you would still be cool with this thing. This item is from ETSY seller: rotisaprong.

4. Next is an item that just screams summer. I have been wanting this item for a few years as well. A Bike. I have a bike, but its from when I was 12. It still works thanks to my awesome coworker Tom. He graciously fixed Matt and I's bikes last weekend so that we could go geo-cashing with him and his girlfriend. But that's another story that I will get to at another time. Back to the sweet bike. Just imagine cruising through the park in your red flashy bike. awww, love it. This item is already sold on ETSY, but I am sure you can find one on EBAY or at a local flea market. The seller was: smackle.

5. Lastly, how could you make it through those summer days with out capturing it. Here is a cute lil camera that would give your pics a vintage touch.  This is from the ETSY seller: FalconandFinch. I know I have my camera with me at all times to catch all of those crazy moments that only happen once. So be sure to have yours with you too!

I hope you enjoyed my summer have to have list. Now go out and get ready for summer fun and heat. Maybe next time I'll feature sprinklers and water slides. Oooo, now that's a cool idea.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new favorite spot

This is my new favorite place to shoot pictures. Last night I grabbed my coworker (although wed, was her last day) and headed out to shoot some pictures I had been thinking of for a long time. We headed down the road to a little town outside of College Station, that looks almost abandoned. For a photographer, that is great because that means the walls and buildings are very aged and are starting to wear down. That equals great backgrounds and texture. Check out the pictures I took of my beautiful coworker/my new model, Chelsea. Isn't she gorgeous?

I have been trying to do this laundromat shoot for a year now. 

I bought this suitcase sunday at a flea market for $5. Doesn't it complete the look. 

long time, no see!

Hi Friends, Family and faithful readers. I haven't posted in a long time and I apologize. So much has been going on in the last month. I have been extremely busy with photo work, my day time job and a fun trip. Some of you might know that I am a member of our local photographers guild and that I received a scholarship from them to attend the TPPA's Texas School of Photography. It was a week long conference in Dallas. It was amazing. I met so many wonderful people that I hope to keep in contact with. I learned so much that it was hard to organize all my thoughts, and stuff from the trip. I have some great ideas for maternity and newborn sessions that I learned. I also got some great props. All week we had class with one teacher. My teacher was Jenn Turner. She is awesome, some call her the Baby Whisper because of the great things she can do. AND, she showed us some of her tricks. Some of them I already knew from my learning days at P.I., however I was glad to see that those were tried and true tricks. Before I went to Dallas I was able to go home one weekend to see my best friend from High School's baby boy. I also got to take my nephew's SR. prom pictures. Now did you think that I would take regular pictures of them like most parents do? of course not! These are some of them below. I will post more from what I did @ Texas School and from my latest sessions soon! I promise to update more. Please give me a call if you would like to schedule a session. My summer is filling up fast and I would LOVE to take your pictures for you. ALSO, be sure to spread the word about my work! If you know anyone that would like my work you can also buy them a gift certificate.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Regan & Lyndon

On Good Friday I had a bunch of photo sessions lined up while I was back in Louisiana. Here are some pictures of Regan & Lyndon, my first appointment that day. I took Regan's pictures back when she was a little girl and so now to take her little brothers pictures was so fun. Aren't these two just beautiful kids.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Washington DC 2010

Last week I went with my hubby and his family to our nations capital, Washington DC. I had never been and was dying to see the Cherry blossoms in bloom, along with seeing all of the major monuments. We drove from Zachary, La to DC and it took 1.5 days. The drive wasn't actually too bad, we had beautiful scenery the entire way. We stayed in Manasas, VA, where the battle of Bull Run happened. We took the Metro into the city on Tuesday and Wednesday, which was fun and a first for some of the kids. The traffic in DC is supposed to be some of the worst in the nation so everyone highly suggested taking the metro into the city. On Monday afternoon we visited the Arlington Cemetery and visited JFK's resting place, the Tomb of the unknown soldier and the Iwo Jima Memorial. The Cemetery was such a beautiful place, being what it is. They take great care and honor there. Tuesday we toured the Capital and walked the National mall. Can I tell you that I don't think that I have ever walked that much in my life. My body started shutting down and things started to hurt that have never hurt before. Not to mention that they were having a heat wave and it was approaching 90 degrees. We were not prepared for that. We had packed our jackets and umbrella's and would have welcomed a cold spell. A few places that we saw that day are: The Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, the white house, Ford's Theater, Vietnam memorial, Korean war memorial, Jefferson memorial, The national Archives (I recognized it from "National Treasure" the movie, lol), the FBI building (recognized that from the Borne Identity movies too.), and a few other important places. Wednesday, we took it a little easier and just visited the Smithsonian museum's. We started at the Museum of Natural History and then ended at the Museum of National History. They were sooo awesome and I think we could have spent a day alone at each. The museum of Air and Space had closed early that day, so we were unable to visit that one. In the end we were soo tired that we couldn't walk anymore, but I think we all agree that we would love to go back and do more. There is soooo much to see and do in this city that it would take a month to do it all. Not to mention that pretty much everything is free!! So enough of my blabbering, I bet you want to see some pictures. Well here you go, have a lookie below. There is no way in the world that I could fit ALL of the pictures taken on this blog, so here are just a few. Enjoy.

Comments are much appreciated!