Monday, February 6, 2012

Callen - Newborn portraits

This summer my cousin Tyler, and his fiance' Alyssa, had their baby Callen. I was soo excited for them because they are the sweetest couple and who wouldn't love more babies in the family! I traveled up to Tyler to visit my sweet lil 2nd cousin and take some newborn pics of him. Callen was also an excellent baby to photograph. I really think it was because he was only a few days old and still in that sleepy, curled in a ball phase. That is the best time to photography newborns, fresh all the way up to 14 days old.

Such a sweet face of contempt. It's tough being a baby. 

I loved this picture of Alyssa feeding Callen, it was just too sweet. 

Alyssa and Tyler will be getting married in October, so I can not wait to see little Callen at the wedding. That will probably be the next time I get to see him and he will be over one year old. Wow, how time flies. 

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