Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vegas - day 3

Welcome back for Day 3 & 4!

On day three I made reservations to see the Neon Boneyard. I had been dreaming of going here for many years. The graphic designer and photographer in me was just dying to go with all the beautiful graphics and photo ops.

 I am a huge travel channel fan, and I had seen bone yard on there a long time ago. I believe it was on a Samantha Brown show and if she has been there, then I want to go! I love her! This was pretty much the reason I wanted to go to Vegas for the past few years. Not because of the Casino's and shows, or get remarried by Elvis, but to see the old neon signs. I dreamed of doing photo shoots out there of Matt and I, but if you wanted to take professional pictures you had to pay a phenomenal fee, so I just settled for the snap shots. I really recommend going if you love design and history.

We were a few blocks away from Freemont Street, so we decided to hoof it down and view the street during the day. Once we got to Freemont Streetwe realized we were only a few more blocks away from Gold & Silver Pawn. Now if you have ever seen Pawn Stars, then you know exactly what that is. Matt is a huge fan of the show, and I honestly like to watch it sometimes too. How can we come this far and not visit the shop. The line wrapped around the front of the building, but moved, so we really didn't have to wait too long outside, maybe 30 minutes. When we got in, we looked around a little bit, but weren't really interested in buying anything. The back section had tons of souvenirs, which you don't see on the show. 

So we left and headed back down to Freemont Street past all the old casinos and under the canopy. We ended up eating at the Golden Nugget, in the Grotto, for lunch. We saw the largest golden nugget while we were there, and Matt pulled the giant slot machine. Unfortunately, he didn't win. So we left after that and headed back to our hotel on the strip to take a nap since we wanted to go back later that night when it was dark.
The framework for the zipline at the beginning of Fremont St.

Has everyone heard of this place? Heart attack grill.
 I think this is the last one still standing.

 lunch at the Grotto

The largest gold nugget

Before we headed back to Freemont Street that night we finally got to go to the top of the Eiffel tower. We got to the top of the tower just in time for the water show at the Bellagio to end. Since the show was supposed to go off every fifteen minutes we waited up there and staked out a spot to get the best view. However, 20 mins after, the show hadn't started, and then 35 mins after, there was no show, finally at around 40mins after, the water show started. That was three shows we could have seen while we were up there, not to mention it was pretty chilly and wet that night. I am pretty sure someone fell asleep on their shift when they were supposed to press the button to make the fountains go off. But I digress. 

While we were waiting in line to go down, I took a self portrait of Matt and I, and when I looked back at it, I realized the girl behind us photo bombed us. I turned around and looked at her with a smile on my face and she knew she was caught. We all started laughing, and she apologized. It was a pretty funny experience to catch your photo bomber. We talked to her for a while and told her we would tag her in it (Hi Brittany). 

So when we headed back to Freemont St, the first thing we did was get in line for the Zipline, since mom had wanted to do it, I knew that we couldn’t miss it. 

view from the top of the zipline

While we were in line we ran into our waitress from earlier that day at the Golden Nugget. She was so sweet and remembered us. She and her friend decided to adopt us and wanted to give us an experience from a local’s perspective. They showed us a few things to do and then took us to a concert where they got us in for free. We had such a great time and were so thankful that they took us in under their wing. It made for a great experience.

We got to take a picture with $1million dollars!

On our last day, we didn't do very much. We walked around a little more on the strip and through our hotel. The Cosmopolitan was really neat inside. So were the gardens inside the Bellagio and the glass scupltures hanging from the ceiling. 
Inside the Cosmopolitan 

A giant high heel, awesome! 

Inside the Bellagio

The Bellagio fountains

 I picked up a red velvet cupcake at the Sugar Factory inside the Paris hotel and saved it for our wait at the airport. I would recommend going there and checking out all the candy.


Has anyone else gone to vegas recently? Share you story with me, I would love to see what you did on your trip. I am soo glad we finally got to go to Vegas. We got a lot done, saw a lot of sights and spent a lot of money. We had a great time, but we don't plan on going back anytime soon.
Viva Las Vegas!!!! 


Allie said...

I'd never heard of the Neon Boneyard, but what a cool place to visit! I'll have to go next time I'm in Vegas. I went about a year ago and hung out on the Strip and Fremont Street, but didn't get to go ziplining. Looks like fun!

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