Friday, February 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas...We got hitched!

I am finally posting on our Vegas trip! It has taken me a while to write it, then get Matt go over it and make sure I didnt forget anything. So after much anticipation, here's the trip! Enjoy!

For our 5 year anniversary this past year, we decided to take a big trip to renew our vows. Ever since day one of our marriage, I couldn't wait to get married to Matt again. I wanted to get married everywhere, on the beach, in the Mountains, anywhere really on God's beautiful green earth, even in Las Vegas. Earlier in the summer our company held an auction to raise money for one of our coworkers whose daughter was going through cancer treatments.(Check out more about Faye’s fight here. She is a wonderful and brave little girl). One of the auction items was a trip to Las Vegas, which included airfare and hotel. Matt and I had been making plans to go to Vegas the previous year, but plans had fallen through, so this time we jumped at the chance and beat out others to win this trip and all for a good cause. After we won the trip, I couldn't decide when we should go. There was a Photoshop conference in Sept that I had free tickets to attend, but I just couldn't make up my mind and ended up not going. Then a few people from work were going to a trade show and I thought about meeting them there so we could all go out after the trade shows had ended and hang out. After I talked to Matt about it, he decided he wanted a trip that just the two of us could go on since we hadn't done that in a while. So after that decision, I thought it would be a great idea to just go for our anniversary. This would mark our 5 year anniversary. Big milestone right? We're practically not Newlyweds anymore.
 Us at the Dallas airport waiting on or flight out to Vegas.

I talked to everyone I knew that had gone to Vegas to get ideas on what all to do and not to do. Scarlett let me know about free stuff to do that included the Lions at MGM Grand. Co-workers let me know about last minute ticket places and buffets. My mom told me about the zipline on Freemont St. and how she wished she could have done it. And others gave me their opinions on where to stay.

The view from our room.

In the end we stayed at the Paris Hotel. We had a little problem with our check in, but upgraded to a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and all was made better. The upgrade was totally worth it because our view was amazing. We had a view of the strip, the Eiffel tower and the Bellagio as well as most of the famous fountains.

Looking a lil rough but excited to be in a room! Especially this room.

Our outdated but spectaucular room. Our other window to the right of the room (not in the picture) was facing Bally's and the strip.

We got to see a lot of the fountain shows but didn't get to hear the music that went along with it for most of them. Along with our upgrade we received free breakfast in the morning and free cocktails and hor d’ourves in the evening. This really rocked our socks off since we wouldn't have to worry about getting breakfast every morning. We had planned on getting our free drinks and snacks in the evening and then head out to sight see then grab a dinner at a great place. However the snacks would always fill us up, so I think we only ate dinner out once which happened to be the night of our anniversary.
From Paris with Love!
View from the club where we had free breakfast and hor d’ourves.

The first day/afternoon there we just walked around the strip going in and out of the casino/hotels to check them all out and see what all there was to do at each of them. We saw the awful show at TI, where the best part is the whole ship sinking thing. We rode the gondola at the Venetian where we were serenaded by our boat captain. It was a pretty slow night, so we got the whole boat to ourselves for the cheap rate, which was pretty awesome.

The Venetian where we had our gondola ride.

At the TI sirens show

 The Volcano at the Mirage
The strip

 Eiffel tower at Paris, I am a lil obsessed with the Eiffel for some of you that don't know me.

The balloon at Paris

 I have three more days to write about, but it will be condinsed down to two posts. I hope you come back to see what we did. You won't want to miss Monday's post, it's when Matt and I renewed our vows! It will be so worth it because we even have a video.

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