Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ashton's Sr. pics

This past weekend I went back home and photographed my friend Rachel's wedding and also did senior pictures for Ashton. I had such a great time taking Ashtons pictures. I went back to where I took Dylan's pictures because I knew their were a few more spots down there that I wanted to take pictures at. Ashton was so much fun and so beautiful. It was impossible to take a bad picture. Here are a few from her session. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dylan's Senior pics

When I went down to visit my new niece I also took some senior pictures. I have known Dylan for a while now. His family attends my home church and he is friends with my nephew Sean. When his mom asked me to take his sr. pics, I was sooo thrilled. I love doing portraits. Especially on location. We went to Kenner to River town on the levee. they have a little downtown area, it was really fun to shoot  there. Here are a few pics of Dylan from our photo session. 

Talia Rose

My Big sis Kelly (and by big i mean older) had baby #4 last week. I am sooo happy to have another niece to love on.  I LOVE all 6 nieces and nephews that I have now, but there's always more room in my heart for another child to love. So Kelly had planned to have her C-section on the 24th of oct. but Talia had other plans. She decided she didn't want to wait any longer to meet her mommy and family, so she came on the 22nd. My brother and his wife and I all headed down as soon as we could to see the new addition. And she's such a beautiful baby. I held her for 5hrs. straight b/c I didnt want to let her go. bad habits i know but I love when they are at this age because they are soo cuddly, and sweet and loveable. haha. I took pictures of her for my sister to use as baby announcements but I am going to post them anyway so everyone can see how cute she it. Her name is Talia Rose Guillory. She was 8.5Ibs and 20in. She was such a big baby. Her big sisters are soo in love with her. Big brother Sean is happy too. 

Big Sister Sadie

My Favorite pose!

Talia talking to me. 

Talia and her daddy.
Layin on her mommy, with her hands under her chin...so funny!

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