Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Guillory's - Family Portraits

Last year I finally got the time to take my sister's family portraits. Back when I lived in Louisiana, I would take pictures of her girls all the time and sometimes there was just an overload of pictures that I would give her. Now that we are far, far away, when we do see each other, I usually try not to get behind the camera and just try to enjoy our time together. However, we realized that they never had family portraits done since the youngest, Talia, was born, three years ago. So we all (parents and all) headed down to the nearest plantation by their house and borrowed some of the trees for their pictures. Since we are fortunate to live by lots of plantations, we didn't have to travel far and ended up at Destrehan Plantation. We didn't go inside to take any pictures because their grounds are phenomenal.

Aren't they the cutest family!! 
My sister was so upset that my nephew wore black jeans for the pictures even though she laid out blue ones for him. We are just happy though that he even was there, you know teenagers. 

 Here is one of my favorites. I bent down to take a foot picture, and Talia bent down with me. It was so funny. She is so goofy and I think this picture really shows it. 

Here is my sister and my bro in law!

The Kids, loving on their big brother

Monkey T with her monkey!

John and the girls

The whole gang leaving the session!

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