Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy cow!

Mac's birthday week continued!

Sorry I didn't get this post up as expected on Wednesday. Work has been super crazy and doesn't leave for a lot of free time. So I am trying to play catch up tonight and get the rest of these Mac posts up. I plan on making two posts today, so I hope you enjoy!
For some reason Mac has started noticing cows recently. He goes crazy when he sees them and loves to find them. I wonder if it has anyting to do with their dark color, but whenever we pass horses or other animals, he doesn't get as excited. Strange. We do pass a lot of fields with cows here in Texas, but its usually not daylight when we are driving. I decided to take a video of him acting crazy on our way home from Louisiana this weekend.  We took a detour through Lake Charles due to construction and chaos and while on the backroads we passed lots of fields with cows. His reaction was not quite what either of us had expected. 

Mac was so excited to see the cows, he wanted to get a better view and dove into Matt's lap while driving. Neither of us expected that, and realized it wasn't very safe, so now I will have to make sure I have both hands on him or just point out the cows on my side of the car.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mac!!

Today is Mac's birthday!! 

My little boy is now two. Wow how time flies. I sound like a crazy lady talking about my puppy like that, but until the good Lord decides its time for a real little one, I am blessed to have my fur puppy.

Here are some pictures of Mac when he was a few weeks old, when we went to meet the breeder. Every website suggested going and meeting the breeders, to see their house and also meet the puppy beforehand. I had a bad experience with one breeder before we found Mackie's momma, so I was trying really hard to not get attached. But look at his little sweet face, who could resist it.

 Here is one of the two momma's the breeder had, she is not Mac's mom, but I guess an aunt?

I have this picture on my desk at work. It's so hard to remember him this size. 

and now here is Mac these days. (Awww)
A handsome lil boy huh? However, since he is two that makes him 14 in doggy years, so he is technically a teenager and a stubborn one at that. We still love him, it's what makes him who he is after all. 

And here is his picture from last year when he turned one!

I will be posting all this week on all things Mac. I'm sorry if it's an overload, but remember he is my fur-baby, and the main entertainment at our household, so what else are we supposed to do. I also just assume everyone loves him as much as we do, lol. (he does too) I also have some fun little videos I can't wait to post. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My hubby is a HUGE history channel fan, as am I. Expect I like to watch the actual educational shows as opposed to the reality shows. Either way, we watch TV together, so I end up watching what Matt does, and he ends up watching what I watch (a lot of HGTV). I think we watch just about every show on the History channel, so if we ever lost it, it would be a crying shame.  In November while we were in Vegas, we got to stop by the actual store from the show "Pawn Stars". We also watch a little Discovery channel. Not as much as the History channel, but if Myth busters or Sons of Guns is on, then we are usually watching it. Last time when we were in Baton Rouge to visit Matt's family, we got to stop by the "Sons of Guns" shop. Well, we didn't really stop, we kind of just drove by a few times, to catch a few pictures.

The shop is actually really close to the house where Matt was born. Since we were in the area, we decided we should drive by and check it out. Here's a picture below: 
I think it looks a little different from when he was little, but it was nice to see where they used to live. 

Does anyone else have pictures from famous TV places? I love driving around and seeing where things were filmed. I think if we just drove around Louisiana we would find tons of Movie and TV spots. Especially now in New Orleans. Do you watch Discovery or The History Channel? What are your favorite shows? Remember when they used to be all educational? 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Houston Rodeo weekend - continued

Here is the second half of the Rodeo weekend. The first half is here.

After we left the rodeo that night, we decided to eat in the city since there would lots of traffic from everyone leaving. We headed over to Goode Co. for some good BBQ. Goode Co acutally has a couple of different restaurants; BBQ, Seafood and a Taqueria. We lost my sister and her family that night and they ended up at a different one, the Taqueria, I believe. We stayed at the BBQ joint and had a great time.

 My sis in law, Mariamgely and I
Matt & Cam

It was a cute little place that had tons of character. I love when my brother takes us to new places in the city. I get so excited and feel more cultured. haha. 

On Sunday we barbecued and celebrated my Bro's bday. We couldn't start the day without going to the park down the street from his house first though. The girls LOVE going there and it wouldn't be a trip to "Texas" if they didn't go to the park.

Even Mac gets to go. He loves going to the park and dog watch.He usually gets to meet lots of new people and dogs.  

The girls swinging away!

Back at the Hacienda! The girls took to the hammock like bee on honey.

Here's T, getting her food ready.

 Mac had a lil fun in the sun with his bottle. 

Birthday cake for the birthday boy!


Shortly after the family left to head back to Louisiana since they had quite a drive ahead of them. Luckily we stayed for a little while and chatted before we had to leave. It is always great to get the whole family together. It can sometimes get crazy with all of us, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mac - Picture of the week

Matt caught Mac laying on the couch one day like this. It is pretty funny that he had the pillow turned over under his head. We wonder how on earth he did that. 

It looks like he is just chilling watching TV with the remote next to him. Does anyone else's pet chill out and watch TV? 

Comments are much appreciated!