Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Jewelry

Here's my latest creation. I am loving the natural bead look and decided to make some more turquoise beaded items. I made a pair of earrings and a cute necklace to match.  Let me know what ya'll think!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Affair Workshop

Here are a few images and a nice video from a list of things I have been trying to accomplish for the last week or so. I am earning entries for a raffle to win a spot at the Love Affair workshop with four lovely ladies. Kelly Moore (who did my bridals), Lauren ClarkDavina Fear, and Millie Holloman are the women that are putting on the workshop this year in Atlanta, Ga. This workshop is for female photographers who are wanting to learn from the best to become the best. Last year I was one of the few runner-ups, but did not win. This year I hope to definitley win and be there in Hot-lanta to learn from these women. On their website there is a list of things you can do to earn entires into the raffle. I have tried to do all of them that I can. Below are some pictures of a few of the items that I completed. I really want to attend the workshop because I know that these woman are the best in the industry right now and they have a unique and different approach to all things. I am tired of the traditional posed pictures, and I want to do more with my customers. I want them to leave our session thinking that this was the best time they had ever had with a photographer and that these pictures are going to rock. I also hope to do this full time eventually and make an honest living from something I love and enjoy. They dont teach this stuff in art school!

Here is my random gift to our unsuspecting staff at our apartment building. They have been so great to us, so I decided to bake them some brownies. (yummy!) (sorry point and shoot camera shot)
 Here is my pretty pedicure that I got to pamper myself with. Thanks Ladies, my hubby didn't believe this one was on the list, lol..This was my favorite!

Here's the video of my something crazy! I am not a very crazy person as my friend put it, so I tried! I let my friends and hubby pie me in the face. It wasn't too bad acutally, and it tasted delicious. I also made a fun tshirt that said "I love (heart) L. A. (Love Affair)", if I win, Ill wear it to the conference. I hope you enjoy the video.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Last weekend was my super weekend when I had 2.5 sessions. Tabitha was my senior session. She drove in all the way from Tarkington, Tx. The only reason I know where that is, is because we drive through it when we go home to Louisiana. We could have all driven together actually. Tabitha is a friend of a friend of ours that we dearly love, Scarlett and Damon. We all met up at City Park in New Orleans for our session. That weekend was jazz fest in the park and I was worried about parking and too many people, but it wasn't bad at all. However, there were countless other photographers there taking pictures also, kinda neat! Here are some pictures from this session.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Talia new post

As promised, I updated Talias pictures to a better resolution. now you can see how really precious she is. I really can't believe how big she is getting. She has so much personality already and man, does she love her mommy. So, enjoy the pics below and I promise, Scarlett and Tabitha, I will have your photos up tomorrow. I had a great time with you guys! Till tomorrow, Touda lou!

Comments are much appreciated!