Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mac - picture of the week

I am back with another crazy picture of my fur baby. This picture was taken last year during the holidays. Matt and I were in his parents attic getting down our decorations for Christmas. While we were up there we could hear Mac crying. I don't know why he was so upset that we were in the attic, I guess because he couldn't see us and we were up in a dark hole. Either he couldn't understand it or he missed us? I am guessing it was the first since he is a pretty independent pup. We were handing stuff down to my mother in law who was standing on the stairs, and when she looked down she saw this!

(his buddy Zeke keeping a close eye on him. Probably telling him he was crazy)

Mac had started climbing the ladder! I have no idea how or why he decided to start climbing. We claim that he is part mountain goat because he likes to climb rocks and stuff, but a ladder? My father in law luckily had his phone and was able to catch a few pictures for us. I was a nervous wreck looking down on him from the attic and was so nervous he was going to fall. 

We figured since he made it that far we wanted to see how high he would go. With my father in law acting as a net, we let him continue. He made it a few more steps up higher than the last picture, about even with the bottom of the attic door. 
I just couldn't believe my puppy was a climber. He could be in circus acts. We might just have a career for him. 

Has your pet ever done anything crazy like that or something unbelievable like climb a ladder? 

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Erin @ His and Hers said...

Oh my gosh! He missed you. :) I'm always wondering if our cats will try to climb the ladder, since they're always around when we're working like that. Good thing you guys saw him before you started heading down...the animals underfoot on stairs makes me nervous!

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