Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from our neck of the woods to yours!

This was a picture I took last year for Valentines Day but never used. 

When I took the above picture we were really trying to get some of Mac with this Valentines day card, but he was a little too excited to be at the park and didn't really want to sit for a treat at this time in his life. He was only 10 months old this time last year and still full of energy.
(look at that smile)

Doesn't he look like a baby in these pictures? 

Matt and I have plans to do adult stuff tonight. We plan to go bowling without our parents, and eat all the junk food available at the bowling alley. I wanted to do something fun this year, and I hate eating in stuffy restaurants. The lights are always too dark, and they make me tired and depressed, therefore leading to depressing conversation. So this year it is all fun and games and full of friendly competition, of which Matt always wins. But I am okay with that, because I love to see Matt's face light up when he does win, and that makes me happy too. 

Ok, these images were not part of the original post, but I felt I needed to add them this morning after I got to work. As some of you know Matt and I have the pleasure of working for the same company. So it is easy for Matt to surprise me with things. This morning when we came in I found this on my desk. 

We had talked about how Matt didn't want to get m flowers, because they fade fast and don't last forever. In this discussion I told him to just buy me a pair of Toms, b/c they would last and I would wear them much longer than flowers would bloom. I was half joking half serious. I didn't know whether or not I would really get them. So I was surprised to find them on my desk when I walked in today. My coworkers were giving Matt kudos on such a great idea, giving pink sparkly shoes. I think some of the ladies are jealous (and some of the guys, lol)

I feel like Dorothy of Texas!

I will leave you with some images from last years Valentines day (again). Those are some of the balloons Matt gave me. 

Here was how my desk was decorated last year when I came to work. 
(don't mind the creeper behind the door)

I have a real keeper huh? Sorry, I'm gonna be mushy now. God has truly blessed me with the best man to match me.  I am so thankful for him everyday and can't believe how lucky I am to have him. Happy Valentine's day Matt!


Allie said...

Cute shoes! Good man. Over the weekend we were feeling kinda stir-crazy so we ended up going to the Fox and playing darts for awhile. Those simple dates are always the most fun!

Jenny said...

I was just thinking yesterday how Matt was so lucky to find you!

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