Thursday, March 8, 2012's whats for dinner?

Does everyone remember those commercials. haha. Sorry for the absence here on the blog. My computer at home that had all of my pictures wasn't very happy with me. Apparently he was very full, and needed a bigger hard drive. Thanks to a very good friend who is computer savvy, my computer is back up and running w/ plenty of storage space for the moment. I won't be posting EVERY day, but I hope to keep doing it a few times a week. Be sure to hold me to it.

The insides of Mac the computer, (I know my computer and the dog have the same name, talk to Steve Jobs about that, not me.)

Last night I cooked a rocking recipe from Real Simple's magazine (Aug 2010 issue). I love this magazine and the recipes they put in there are usually really good. I am so glad I saved this one and tried it last night because it will now become a regular in our dinner rotation. It was super easy and fast to make. It does really only take 20 mins to make and cook. So instead of heading to the freezer for that frozen pizza or to the pantry for some hamburger helper, you can get a home cooked meal for the same amount of time and work. Here is the recipe:

You might notice in the top right corner I wrote "great". I like to put that on recipes that I have tried for a few reasons. #1, so that I can remember that I cooked it (I have a bad memory), and #2 so that I remember if it was good or great or not. If not, then I will get rid of the recipe. If good or great, I'll keep it in the rotation. 

Here is a close up of the "great" rating.

Here is our take on it. Not a great pic from my phone, but I think it still looked tasty.

Do you have a rating system for your recipes? Does anyone else have tons of recipes strewn around their kitchen? I really need to take some time and put all of my recipes taken from magazine and website and put them all in a binder, organized. 

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Allie said...

I have recipes bookmarked online, printed out in the kitchen, in cookbooks ... and I never can remember if things are good or not either! I usually put smilie faces in the corners of the pages — and if it gets a frowny face, I throw it away!

Comments are much appreciated!