Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines day

I know I am a few days late but I hope everyone had a great day no matter what their status is. I was always single on Vday until I met my hubby, so I know that sometimes it can stink, but that's what you have great friends for, to make it all better. My hubby surpised me with a 1/2 dozen ballons, flowers and candy at work waiting for me when I came in. It was so sweet. All the guys at the office were giving Matt the eye and telling him that he was making all them look bad. Did you all have a great day? Here is a picture to leave you with from our Christmas card this year. I figured it could work for Valentines day also. hehe. Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The light of my life

I know it has been a super long time since I have last posted. I am trying to go back and post all of the things that I have missed over the last couple of months. (That might be the impossible) I want to start off with the little boy of my dreams, Little Mac.I wanted to post a few pictures of how much he has grown and sweet he is. (which might be hard to show in pictures, but believe me, he is a sweetheart) Understand that we do not have kids yet, so he is our heart and soul right now. Before you see all of the pictures, can I just tell you how great my kid (puppy) is compared to yours. lol, j/k. but, no, for real. We have taught him tons a tricks, I plan on making a video of him doing them and posting it. But here are the tricks he can do: sit (of course), stay, lay down, bow, howdy (shake), high five, beg, dance, crawl, roll over, come here, and fetch (however don't expect him to bring the ball back all of the time. He thinks he is just supposed to and find it sometimes, haha). We have tried to get him to play dead, but he is not taking to it. We also play hide and go seek with him, by telling him to sit, and stay. Then we go hide and then tell him "ok", he then runs and tries to find us. It is hours of entertainment. Well maybe not hours but maybe and hr.

 Back in December we went to Santa's Wonderland in College Station. We got to visit with my friend Heather who was working there for the season. They are pet friendly and often have pet adoptions on the wknd, so we were told to bring little Mackie. As much as I like to think that he enjoyed the lights (above) I am sure that he could have cared less about them and was more interested in the all the props and toys we were passing. 
 Here is his picture in Santa's town at Santa's Wonderland. He doesn't look too happy.
Here is another picture of Mac when we went back to Santa's wonderland for the second time that month, he  is a little happier in this picture. He has his little festive Scarf on, but you can't really see it.

This is what your white dog looks like after he tries something like below. We have a couple of dog parks in College Station, and they have ponds for the dogs to play in. However, my dog likes to think that he is participating in a never ending obstacle course and tries to take the hardest route possible for him. "Over the bridge and through the woods to grandmothers house we go." I think that is what he sings, or maybe it's the mission impossible song or just maybe he is going on a bear hunt. Any of these is a possibility. Needless to say he is not always successful and sometimes falls in muddy water....and daddy has to save him.  He would never admit to that though.

 Mac doesn't believe in segregation and that humans and animals should have to play in separate areas, therefore he got to enjoy playing with his cousins Emma, Sadie and Talia when we went to visit Uncle Cam and the nearby play areas.
 Posing with Emma and Talia. He just makes the picture perfect.
 Back at the dog park you can now see one of the ponds that Mac really enjoys. He usually likes to go in deep enough to where he can lay down in it and just barely get his belly wet. Nevertheless, we have to make sure to always bring a towel for him. It's inevitable that he will get wet and dirty.
 He likes to play chase around the pond, which doesn't seem very safe, but most of the time it is with other dogs and not Matt, so I guess safety isn't really an issue. Dogs don't really fall and bust their heads by the pool, thank goodness.
 Here is Mac watching the puppy bowl on our bed this past Sunday before the Super bowl. He was really intrigued and I believe he is considering that for his future. I mean, he does believe in obstacle courses, so wouldn't he be great at it?

 Lastly his favorite game is called "being lazy". Now that he is almost a year he has calmed down a lot since we first got him when he was a baby. He now likes to lay on the couch and just watch us do whatever. I think he considered this a challenge by laying on the towels while trying to get comfy. 
Well, thanks for amusing me and looking at all of the pictures of my sweet sweet puppy. lol. I have finally become one of those people who talk about their pets all day. Sickening, I know. But I now understand how much they can mean to people. Growing up I had pets, but I never got to really watch them grow up and see them take a personality. He truly has been the light of my life since last June.

One last family picture to leave you with.

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