Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merry Christmas to all ....

Merry Christmas to all ....and to all a late Christmas card. What? Christmas card? Yes, since I shared with you yesterday our gift tags and I am months behind on my posting, I thought I should at least post our Christmas card from this year. Now that we have a furbaby as a part of our family, I love getting our family portraits made for Christmas. This year I grabbed our good friend Kevin, and we all headed over to downtown Bryan to take pictures for our card. In our area, downtown Bryan is the place to take any pictures really, at any given saturday, you will find no less than five photographers down there. In fact, while taking our pictures, I believe I saw at least three, not counting us. We went around 4:30, since it is winter and things get dark early. Luckily, while we were out there, the hotel and theater's lights came on, so they are nice and bright for our picture. Mac did very well, considering how much there was going on. Cars were passing, people were walking by and his little attention span was really being tested. We had his leash clipped to his collar on the back, which was covered by his scarf, and then we ran the leash down his back, with our foot at the end, so that he couldn't run away, or get very far. We had quite a few takes, adjusting our posing, posture and smiles :) so we really appreciated Kevin being patient with us. Here are a few photos from the session. 

I got our cards printed at MPIX.com and here are a few options I was looking at: 

And here is the one we ended up using: 

(sorry the scan copy is really bad, I'll have to redo it tonight)

Do you like it? 

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Colleen Marie said...

ya'll are too cute, you sure did pick a photogenic dog too!

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