Monday, March 26, 2012

Mac - Picture of the week - The stare

Does anyone else's pet give them the stare? Mac is notorious for that. He will sit at the end of the hall way and either stare off into space or just stare at us. It is sometimes kinda creepy, in which we call him the creeper, but he does this all the time. Here are some examples:

Chilling in the chair across the room
 (The close up)
 (don't look at all the stuff on my counter tops, its always that messy.)

Staring at me in the hallway. 

Staring off into nothingness. We were in the middle of playing ball and he just stops and stares.
Here he is in the yard just looking off into the distance. 

Here he is staring at nothing while sitting in his half empty pool. 
See nothing! nothing to look at.

(I guess another question to ask is why is he sitting his his half empty pool. You've got me on that one. I am not sure if he doesn't realize there is no water or not.)

Does anyone else catch their pet staring off into the distance? Does anyone else think it's kinda creepy odd? 

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linda said...

omg! Mac is super cute! Our little Vash does the stare down as well... sometimes I think he is judging me for singing out loud or some weird move. LOL!

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