Monday, March 12, 2012

Mac - Picture of the week

I meant to post this on Friday, sorry I am a day late. Life happens as we all know. The below pictures are from a recent maternity photo session I was taking for my friend. The whole time I was running into Mac who just happened to be where I needed to be at that moment. You all know how that goes. Pets are always in the most inopportune place. I guess Mac got tired of me tripping on him and decided he needed more attention. Therefore he decided to get in the pictures.

He started as a lump, hiding behind the background. 
Then eventually came out and just stood there in the picture. 
Then he laid down
And stayed there. 
Eventually he flopped over on his side and went to sleep. 

Just look at this sad face. This is his poutty face, when he doesn't get any attention. Just pitiful huh? 

Does anyone else's pet pout? What are some things they do when they don't get attention like they want? 

*Disclaimer* These pictures have not been edited and are not shown as a final product. They are just for fun and to show how cute and needy my puppy can be.

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