Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Houston Rodeo

Matt and I have gone to the Houston Rodeo ever since we moved to Texas. We really enjoy seeing all the animals in the livestock area, the baby animals, the shows and of course the real rodeo. This year my family came over to my brothers house to experience it for the first time. All of us armed with our cowboy boots, we were ready. There will be lots of pics, so I apologize.

 I want to note how awful I look in this picture, but my Mom and Sis look great, so I had to post it.

Matt and I on the bus after parking.
 Mom and Dad

I told Matt to not look at the camera and he did, so I got this creepy smile from him. bahaha.

Inside the livestock area, you got to see the piglets and calf's that were just born within the past few days. It was so fun. 
 Here are some really "pretty" tractors that 4-H students rebuilt and painted. 

 Here is T and me with our matching red boots. She is definitely the cuter of the two of us. 
 The girls w/ their boots on. 
 I love this picture of the three girls where T is crying. 
 The rodeo! Here is the covered wagon race. 
They also had the calf chase and Muttin Bustin', but I didn't get good pictures of those. 

The performer that night was Brad Paisley and he was great! Matt and I really love his music and were excited that we were going to get to see him. I was worried about my brother since he doesn't like Country music, but he really enjoyed it. He put on a good show.  I kept thinking my Dad would love him, since he is really awesome on the guitar, but I forgot that my Dad isn't used to the electric guitar. He told me it was too loud when I asked him if he liked it, oh well.
 His stage turned in a circle so everyone could see, it was really neat. 

 The fairgrounds outside

I will post some more pictures soon of the weekend since it was my brothers birthday too. 


Tamara said...

Cute pics data. The oldest niece looks like your twin. All three were adorable in their boots!! Glad to see you enjoying Texas!! I sure am

Anonymous said...

We had a blast going to the rodeo for the first time. The girls really enjoyed it. I think we r going to try and make it a yearly event. Love the picture of the three of us and I think u looked fabulous. U and Talia r a cute match.

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