Friday, January 27, 2012

Door decor

A few months ago I made a cute little door wreath with some left over fabric scraps I had from another project. I used a wreath I had planned on using for another project that failed. I was trying to make something like this (below) at one point for a coworker of mine, but wrapping the yarn was a lot more time consuming than I thought. I threw it aside and forgot about it for a few months.

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So I decided to reuse the wreath and try wrapping it in my fabulous new fabric. I got my fabric from, where they have unbelievable prices and great patterns. Here are three of the styles that I got below. I haven't decided what to do with the yellow and blue patterns yet, but I loved them and had to have them. I will post something as soon as I decide. The black and white chevron print was actually used on our dining room table and chair redo. I will make a separate post on that soon.

So here is the final piece completed. I ended up just cutting strips of fabric and then wrapped them around the wreath. I pinned it all together with sewing pins in case I ever wanted to change it. I got the ribbon for the bow from Michael's around Halloween and I just absolutely loved it. I wish I could have stocked up on it since it was seasonal.

Here is a little wider picture of the wreath on the door. The wreath is a little small, but I can always put it somewhere in the house as decoration and move it when I am tired of it. Since I made this wreath in late September, I ended up finding a little skull at the store and added it to the center of the wreath to make it a lil more seasonal for Halloween. I however, forgot to take a picture of it and can only help you to imagine it.

So that's the end to my little project that only took me about 5 minutes to complete. I am so happy with the way it turned out and feel that anyone can honestly do this. 

UPDATE: I found a picture of the wreath with the skull on it. However, it is really bad quality with a flash, so please forgive me. 

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