Monday, January 30, 2012

Tag you're it!

I know it is like a month after Christmas, but I have a quick post about a project I put together for Christmas.  Better late than never, right? This year for our gift tags I wanted to do something fun and not use the same old boring stickers with Santa or frosty or whoever. I wanted to make them personal and obvious who they were from. On the blog Young House Love (of which I am obsessed), I saw that they made gift tags last year out of business cards. On the business cards was a picture of their little fur baby Burger.

A light bulb went off in my head, and I thought, my puppy is pretty cute, so why not do that for us. Everyone would definitely know who it was from if Mac's face was on the tag staring at you. So I made Mac sit for a couple of treats while he had a mini-photo session. He really doesn't mind taking pictures, especially if they involve treats. Here are two photos of him from the photo shoot. We like to play with him and see what words/noises/sounds we can use to make him turn his head. It is pretty funny. Does anyone else do that to your pets?

 I photographed him and then selected the background out. Then I dragged his cute lil face on top of a red background added in Photoshop. Easy peasy. They were a big hit with our family and friends. I ordered about 200 I believe, which is a whole lot I know, but for less than $20, it was well worth it. I was originally going to try and use them year round, so we will see, I might have to cut off the Christmas part.

On the front of the card it said "Have a dog-gone good Christmas". And on the back it just says,  To: Love, the Neyland's.

Here are a few photos of the tags on actual gifts under our tree. 

So how do you like them? Would you love to receive a gift with your friends/family's pet or child on the tag? I think its a great way to personalize any gift. 

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