Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My hubby is a HUGE history channel fan, as am I. Expect I like to watch the actual educational shows as opposed to the reality shows. Either way, we watch TV together, so I end up watching what Matt does, and he ends up watching what I watch (a lot of HGTV). I think we watch just about every show on the History channel, so if we ever lost it, it would be a crying shame.  In November while we were in Vegas, we got to stop by the actual store from the show "Pawn Stars". We also watch a little Discovery channel. Not as much as the History channel, but if Myth busters or Sons of Guns is on, then we are usually watching it. Last time when we were in Baton Rouge to visit Matt's family, we got to stop by the "Sons of Guns" shop. Well, we didn't really stop, we kind of just drove by a few times, to catch a few pictures.

The shop is actually really close to the house where Matt was born. Since we were in the area, we decided we should drive by and check it out. Here's a picture below: 
I think it looks a little different from when he was little, but it was nice to see where they used to live. 

Does anyone else have pictures from famous TV places? I love driving around and seeing where things were filmed. I think if we just drove around Louisiana we would find tons of Movie and TV spots. Especially now in New Orleans. Do you watch Discovery or The History Channel? What are your favorite shows? Remember when they used to be all educational? 

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