Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mac!!

Today is Mac's birthday!! 

My little boy is now two. Wow how time flies. I sound like a crazy lady talking about my puppy like that, but until the good Lord decides its time for a real little one, I am blessed to have my fur puppy.

Here are some pictures of Mac when he was a few weeks old, when we went to meet the breeder. Every website suggested going and meeting the breeders, to see their house and also meet the puppy beforehand. I had a bad experience with one breeder before we found Mackie's momma, so I was trying really hard to not get attached. But look at his little sweet face, who could resist it.

 Here is one of the two momma's the breeder had, she is not Mac's mom, but I guess an aunt?

I have this picture on my desk at work. It's so hard to remember him this size. 

and now here is Mac these days. (Awww)
A handsome lil boy huh? However, since he is two that makes him 14 in doggy years, so he is technically a teenager and a stubborn one at that. We still love him, it's what makes him who he is after all. 

And here is his picture from last year when he turned one!

I will be posting all this week on all things Mac. I'm sorry if it's an overload, but remember he is my fur-baby, and the main entertainment at our household, so what else are we supposed to do. I also just assume everyone loves him as much as we do, lol. (he does too) I also have some fun little videos I can't wait to post. 


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe he was ever that little. Mackie was and still is spool cute. We in the Guillory home love our furry cousin/nephew.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was supposed to be "soooooo" no "spool". Darn auto correct.


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