Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy cow!

Mac's birthday week continued!

Sorry I didn't get this post up as expected on Wednesday. Work has been super crazy and doesn't leave for a lot of free time. So I am trying to play catch up tonight and get the rest of these Mac posts up. I plan on making two posts today, so I hope you enjoy!
For some reason Mac has started noticing cows recently. He goes crazy when he sees them and loves to find them. I wonder if it has anyting to do with their dark color, but whenever we pass horses or other animals, he doesn't get as excited. Strange. We do pass a lot of fields with cows here in Texas, but its usually not daylight when we are driving. I decided to take a video of him acting crazy on our way home from Louisiana this weekend.  We took a detour through Lake Charles due to construction and chaos and while on the backroads we passed lots of fields with cows. His reaction was not quite what either of us had expected. 

Mac was so excited to see the cows, he wanted to get a better view and dove into Matt's lap while driving. Neither of us expected that, and realized it wasn't very safe, so now I will have to make sure I have both hands on him or just point out the cows on my side of the car.

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