Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4th of July

Here are a few pictures from the Fourth of July weekend. Our good friend from college, Quang, came in from Little Rock, AR to spend a day with us. Since its a big occasion for him to come we decided to have a BBQ for him and some friends/coworkers. 

Quang was the grill master. I'm not sure how he got appointed. Maybe its all those years tailgating at the Tech games

Quang being sneaky!
John teasing Mac with the water guns.
Hence Mac started to attack said water guns.

A banner I put up and a few more decorations.
The pool we had out for the dogs and occasional hot feet.
The set up in the back of our 'plex.
Matt and Quang on the slip and slide. They were the bravest of us all. I tried but was doing it wrong, of course. How can you mess that up? John tried it as well and fell, he thinks he cracked a rib, always ruining the party. Just joking, but he really thinks he did bruise it.

The Grill Masters.
Quang and I!
Twizzlers all fancied up. I found this idea on Pinterest here. Along with a bottle of Moscato that John brought.

The handsome hubbs!

My Fourth of July sprinkled cupcakes. Fancy huh? I need a lot of work on my decorating but hey, I'm no MaryLou.


Stesha said...

i found you from the day book. I wish it was summer again and I can do a slip and slide!!

Candace Stevenson said...

haha that looks SO funnnnn! I wanna slip n slide rightttt now

Lovely Little Rants

Emmett Katherine said...

I haven't seen a slip and slide for years! Kind of makes me wish it was summer again! Looks like you had a fun fourth of July, love the festive cupcakes.

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