Friday, August 5, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Since we live in a college town, there is a constant wave of people moving. With that comes a large trash day when semesters end and people start cleaning out their places and getting rid of things they no longer need or want. In high school my girlfriends and I used to go and pick up all sorts of things like chairs, wrapping paper, ladders (yes ladders) and then stash them in another friends yard usually making a large display of the items. Nowadays, Hubby and I just look for stuff we might want, need, can sell, or things we can rehab. Honestly, we don't do this very often, although we should, because it is pretty fun to find something great. At our old apartment we used to see bikes by the dumpster constantly. One of our friends from work likes to repair bikes and then sell them, so we would always pick those up for him. So, this past weekend, our neighbors in our duplex moved out. We not only got one great deal from their left over goods, but two!! We found a great solid wood side table that just needed a few things tweaked (sorry forgot to take pictures of it). I promise I will take some pics of that and post on it. Our second item, is a biggie! Matt saw it and money signs flashed in his eyes. I however and thinking of DIY'ing it!! Take a look and tell me what you think of our new truck bed tool chest!!

  (Mac wanted to make an appearance)

Matt would like to clean it up a lil and then sell it on Craigslist. He informed me that when new, these things go for $100+. So we could possibly sell if it for around $50. I however am thinking it would make a great storage bench in the backyard. Specifically in mind, we could put our hammock in there. The hammock is 5 feet wide (wood strips) and this tool chest is 6 feet wide and the middle is 5 feet wide. PERFECT. I could add some casters on the bottom, so it is easy to move around and then get a few cushions for the top (that could be stored in there as well). I would still need to clean it up and probably spray some Rustoleum paint inside. A huge plus to that is it would get the hammock out of the kitchen and would free up more space and be less cluttered. I have looked up outdoor storage benches and I know they cost around $100 and up. Hubs does not want to spend that kind of money, so I am hoping that he will cave and let me keep it instead of selling it. What do you think? Sell it or keep it and fix it up?

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The Pourciau Family said...

I'm with Matt. Sell it and then when you move you don't have to move it.

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