Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dog days of summer

I just wanted to share a few snapshots that were taken by Matt and myself of Mackie. ( I apologize in advance for the waaay too many pictures of my pup, but we have no kids at this time, so he is our only child) One day while Matt was in our office I walked in to find my sweet lil puppy sitting here, on top of my camera bag!

I have no idea how or why he got up there. As I tried to take more pictures he got down and wanted to start playing. I guess he just wanted some attention and figured he could get it if he was by my camera. Smart dog. He knows when it is camera time.

So just a few weeks ago I get out of the shower and could hear Matt calling for me. Mac had climbed up on my camera bag again and was just sitting there smiling. I guess he was pretty proud of himself. He now knew how to get our attention. I know its probably not a good idea to have your dog sitting on your camera case, but its pretty cushy and they way things are set up in there, I knew it would be just fine. So take a look at this smiling face below. 

He eventually got down once he had the attention he needed. Then proceeded to make sad puppy faces. 

Here are a few more of his sad, but intrigued thoughtful looks.

He is such a ham and knows exactly how to get us to do what he wants. And we thought we had him trained, but really its the other way around. Also, don't judge me by my messy office/ junk room, we are in transition. Haha. Eventually this will be my studio room w/ my backdrops and light set up, along w/ our desks. It will be a lil cozy, but hopefully we can come up with some storage ideas.  Since we are renting its hard to move things from one place to another and make it all fit like it did before. Someday I will get organized.  Thanks for reading.

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