Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Eli

This weekend we went on our usual tour of Louisiana, stopping at family and friends houses to visit while on our way to our parents. We got to stop and see Shannon, Matt's sister in Lake Charles. We stayed the night at her house and had an amazing breakfast at Pitt Grill, then had to say our goodbyes. Next up was Lafayette to visit the Bornes'. The Bornes are great College friends of ours. Ryan is Matt's best friend from College, and I used to play against Karen in basketball when I was younger (funny thing). We have never seen their new house or their new baby, Eli. He is about a month old now and this was our first time meeting him in person. In an older post I talked about how we go to Skype with them. We were super excited to see them all. We got a house tour and got to snack on some delicious brownies they had made for their neighbor. (long story) Karen asked me to take a few pics of Eli while we were there because they were unable to get newborns pics and needed to send out announcements. Of course I was happy to oblige. I love newborns and needed to get some more sessions under my belt. Eli was a perfect baby and stayed asleep for almost the entire shoot. We were able to move and mold him into different positions, without waking him. However, we think he was just soo comfortable on the soft fabrics that he didn't really care. The theme of his room is all about traveling which was perfect since Ryan has his degree in aviation and has his pilot license, hence the props were travel related. I hope you enjoy the pics below. I will make an update w/ a few more pictures sometime today.


The Pourciau Family said...

LOVE them! Remind me to drug my next child so they will actually sleep through the newborn shoot.

Erin @ His and Hers said...

Adorable! Perfect that he was comfy enough to stay asleep the whole time. ;) Your friends are lucky to have you!

Thank you for signing up to following my blog! :)

Mandi Nikole said...

Precious images. Love the use of the case. I love cases and trunks.

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