Thursday, June 16, 2011

What have I been up to?

Hi All, I know many of you have been wondering where I have been and the answer is a lil bit of everything. So my goal is to get up all up to speed with in the next few days. I have been working hard, took some vacation, ran a 10k, took another vacation, moved, played a lil and had a birthday. I don't know if I should start from the end or the beginning. Well here goes:

Last weekend Matt's parents came in to see our new place (I'll get to that later). They helped us hang some frames (for my family portrait wall), look for curtains for the house and do some more odds and ends around the house, specifically with the outside. As some of you might know, Matt and I used to own our own house back in Louisiana. When Matt(we) decided he wanted to go back to grad school, here in Texas, we packed up all of our belongings, and sold our house. Now that Matt is through with school, we are still renting until we find a final place to settle in at. We have now moved to a new place that is much bigger than our last closet, I mean apartment. We even have a yard for lil Mac. My in-laws brought up our outdoor furniture we had at our house previously. We set up our old bird bath, our hammock, our grill, fire pit, and other patio chairs. It was soo wonderful to see all of my old things. It's like they are brand new again. We have three trees in our new backyard and they needed some HEAVY trimming. There are two beautiful crepe myrtles and one oak and their were branches all the way to the ground. That had to go because it was Mac's hiding place when he didn't want to come in. He knew it was hard for us to come and get him in all of that mess. NOW, the trees have new life and make our yard look soo much bigger.

Here is our yard below after all of the trimming and with my old birdbath. Looks pretty good huh? I forgot to take a before picture and am really kicking myself for that. 

Here is a really bad picture of my family photo wall. I need to add a few more pictures into the frames as well as add a few more frames, probably on the right. What do you think? 
We also got to Skype with Matt's buddy from college, Ryan, and his wife Karen. They just had a baby and we weren't able to meet him yet, so this was the next best thing. There is lil Eli on the TV.

Saturday night our friends Kevin and Brandi came over and we all went to the starlight music series concert the city was putting on. Let me tell you how awesome this city is (for the most part). Since we live in a college town, we are never short on things to do. There is always something going on at the University or the local parks or with the county. We love living here. Ok, back to the concert, it was held at the amphitheater in town. We packed a blanket, chairs and a cooler full and headed out. The sun was only out for another hour or so while we were out there, thank goodness, because it was sooo hot.

 The guys!
 Brandi, Mrs. Pat and me.
The Rock-a-fellas. They were really good.
  The view once the sun went down.

We had a great time with them here and dare I forget to mention their new puppy Zeke. Mac and Zeke had a wonderful time playing ALL weekend long. Here are a few shots of them playing together.

I don't think they would ever stop playing if it were up to them.

 After Matt's parents left, we tried out Matt's birthday present from Mac. An obstacle course. We set it up in our backyard and Matt has been training Mac on how to do it. He is getting pretty good. Here are a few pictures from the first day.
 Mac chillin by the weave poles. He has no idea what is about to happen.
 The jump thing. I'm sure there is a real term for this.
 The tunnel. This is Mac's best event. He really likes the tunnel and doesn't need much instruction on this.
Especially since he knows there is a treat at the end. However the first time he did the tunnel, he stopped halfway through, where the shade was. Haha, he didn't want to come back into the sun. Just like him momma.
 Here is Matt trying to get him to do another lap of the course. But as you can see below, he opted to stay in the shade.
 Hiding behind my chair.
Now lounging in the shade.

  Ok,  I have soo many more pictures to post, but I will just have to post them later, because I don't want to slow your computer down with this super long post. I hope I have not overloaded you with unimportant chatter and images. But its my blog and since no one reads it, I can do whatever. Thanks for taking a look!

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vanessa said...

Your puppy is a cutie! We need to get our dog an obstacle course too! She would love it. Is it hard to train them?

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