Friday, June 17, 2011

TV stand

When Matt and I moved in our house back in 2006, we acquired/ bought a lot of stuff form the previous owner. He, Ray,  was so generous and a great guy to deal with. It was our first house to buy and it was also for sale by owner. There were a lot of things we didn't know and could have gotten cheated but we were truly blessed by that experience and had no issues. One of the things we bought from Ray was his TV and stand.  This thing was huge. I believe it was a 36" screen, but the shell was sooo much bigger. This beast was also super heavy. When we moved to Texas, Matt, Mr. Denny and my dad all had to carry it and it was still too heavy. We swore when we moved again that we would leave the TV there and just get a new one. Fast forward to present day. Well, we moved, and we didn't take the TV. We actually sold it, but Matt and my dad did have to help move it. Here is a side view of the TV below.

Once we moved we had to use one of our older tv's. Our best option was one that was given to me when I was an RA back in the dorms. It was 20"'s and was a lil hard to see from the couch in the living room. It worked for us while Matt looked for a good deal on a nicer tv.

This is what we had the TV sitting on. Matt's old record player stand. It was pretty proportional to the TV.

I looked and looked forever on Craigslist,, and soo many other places. I really wanted a piece of furniture to hold the TV instead of a regular TV stand, so that we could reuse the piece if we ever needed to in the future. We finally came down to the point were we HAD to find one because our new TV had been ordered. We checked EVERY place in town that had furniture, including all thrift shops. I was really wanting to refinish an older wood piece, but we were running out of luck. I had mentioned going to Big Lots because I knew they had some pieces there, but was not hopeful, because they don't always have the best quality.

  I did end up falling in love with this piece above from Big Lots. Matt actually liked this piece as well. I just had to convince him that we weren't going to find something else cheaper. (which I have to do often :)

(Mac trying to help us put it together by laying on the pieces)

We had to put this bad boy together, but it was soo worth it for me. I still love this thing. We were able to hide all of our electronics, video games and VHS tapes. Our DVDs are in a stand to the left of it and probably wouldn't fit.

This is our old TV sitting on it.(above)

This is the new. This picture was used in the last post, forgive me. I will have to get a more updated picture once I finish decorating. The side table is kind of in the way of the cabinet, but you get the idea. Let me know what you think!

UPDATE! Here is a picture of the cabinet for Christmas this year!
(sorry about the pic quality, it was taken on my phone.)

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