Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Dat!

A few weekends ago Matt and I went down to my parents house for a brief visit and an e-session. We took pictures Saturday morning in the French quarter (see A New Orleans engagement below) then met up with my sister and her family for a day to revel in the spirit of the New Orleans Saints going to the super bowl. We had a great time out there with everyone and got to do a whole lot. We ran into an old college friend and her family two times that day. (whats the likely-hood?) We visited the Aquarium, went to a parade and ate at Drago's (famous for their oysters).   !!!Warning: lots of pictures!!!

Matt taking our old college friend Liz and her family's picture. Its not often anyone lets him have a camera
my new favorite picture. Note the address "411", love it. 
I should have gotten one of these shirts before the Superbowl, they were so cute. 
Matt & I ran across a performance by a couple of bands and dance troops in the Spanish plaza while we were waiting for my sister to get there. 
This is how we roll! Next time we are getting one of these to ride in.

Talia feels at home here. Doesn't she look like she will fit in with her fish face? She can be the leopard shark!

Even the fish are fans!
Look at all of those smiling faces. Can you see the diver in this picture?
There he is! He is even wearing a saints jersey.  
Hello down there!
Not sure if Dad thinks he's at a rock concert or not! but yes, the aquarium does rock!
Tally girl actually smiling
Mr. Alligator, White Alligator to you!
The Shark tank!
Everyone after the parade on Canal St. *Talia is asleep in the stoller.* Jealous a lil!
 Matt, Me & Emma (my mini me).

Matt & I during the game

And finally, our great saints themed king cake that we actually went home for *hehe* 

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Liz Wilhelm said...

Am so lovin our pic! haha I was completely surprised to see yall there! haha. Next time you are up here, lemme know! I want a great photographer to do some pics for us... never have had any professional pics! :)

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