Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Orleans Engagment

This weekend I was able to go home and visit (briefly) with my family that I miss so much. More on that story later! While we were in town I was able to take some engagement pictures of Michelle and Paul. We met early on Saturday morning at the Aquarium downtown. I was so nervous about what the crowds might be like because of Mardi Gras and with the Saints being in the Super Bowl, but just as I was hoping, most people were not out yet. But thirty minutes later, the tour buses started to roll in and my empty streets were empty no more. We did get some great shots and were able to dodge most of the people. With more people on the streets you would think that we would be able to avoid the "fun police", NO, that was not the case. We were in violation of "being to serious" and "being too white". Gotta love New Orleans. Apparently we violated that a few times as we were stopped by almost every "fun police". Oh, and I forgot to mention the 40 mph winds that we were facing. Luckily when we ducked in the alley ways we could avoid most of it. In the end, Michelle and Paul were troopers and were up for anything. Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend.



This is one of my favorites. I think the masks look so fun! 

Classic New Orleans. Look how great the clouds were that day. 

      Michelle's legs were so straight. Isn't this a fun picture!

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