Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Scream Hello

A few weekends ago Matt & I got a phone call (text) from my nephew telling us to come and visit him. My nephew lives 7 hours away, however my sister (his mom) was traveling through Dallas to Colorado to go skiing at that time so we both thought he was with her. Dallas still being a good 3.5-4 hours away, we were thinking no way are we driving up there and coming right back. We had no idea that he had traveled to the Woodlands with his buddy's band, I Scream Hello. Being the night before Valentine's day we had no plans, except sitting on the couch and veggin out, so we decided to take the hour trip to go and see Sean. My nephew is not in the band but is a big supporter and kind of a free spirit, so he loves things like this. I was worried though that we might not like the music. We were hoping it was not the screaming pig noises, I think we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. I brought my camera along to see if I could be good at this band action-shot gig. I was definitely not used to shooting in "extremely" low lighting, a lot of moving around, and multi color strobes. However it was a great experience and now I have been opened up to one more type of photography. Below are a few shots from that night. Be sure to check out their music, they are actually really good. (I will attach a link later today) Enjoy!





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