Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Washington DC 2010

Last week I went with my hubby and his family to our nations capital, Washington DC. I had never been and was dying to see the Cherry blossoms in bloom, along with seeing all of the major monuments. We drove from Zachary, La to DC and it took 1.5 days. The drive wasn't actually too bad, we had beautiful scenery the entire way. We stayed in Manasas, VA, where the battle of Bull Run happened. We took the Metro into the city on Tuesday and Wednesday, which was fun and a first for some of the kids. The traffic in DC is supposed to be some of the worst in the nation so everyone highly suggested taking the metro into the city. On Monday afternoon we visited the Arlington Cemetery and visited JFK's resting place, the Tomb of the unknown soldier and the Iwo Jima Memorial. The Cemetery was such a beautiful place, being what it is. They take great care and honor there. Tuesday we toured the Capital and walked the National mall. Can I tell you that I don't think that I have ever walked that much in my life. My body started shutting down and things started to hurt that have never hurt before. Not to mention that they were having a heat wave and it was approaching 90 degrees. We were not prepared for that. We had packed our jackets and umbrella's and would have welcomed a cold spell. A few places that we saw that day are: The Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, the white house, Ford's Theater, Vietnam memorial, Korean war memorial, Jefferson memorial, The national Archives (I recognized it from "National Treasure" the movie, lol), the FBI building (recognized that from the Borne Identity movies too.), and a few other important places. Wednesday, we took it a little easier and just visited the Smithsonian museum's. We started at the Museum of Natural History and then ended at the Museum of National History. They were sooo awesome and I think we could have spent a day alone at each. The museum of Air and Space had closed early that day, so we were unable to visit that one. In the end we were soo tired that we couldn't walk anymore, but I think we all agree that we would love to go back and do more. There is soooo much to see and do in this city that it would take a month to do it all. Not to mention that pretty much everything is free!! So enough of my blabbering, I bet you want to see some pictures. Well here you go, have a lookie below. There is no way in the world that I could fit ALL of the pictures taken on this blog, so here are just a few. Enjoy.

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