Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer time.

Since this week is the last week of school for most, I decided to post about some things you would need during the summer. All things are from my favorite online store ETSY. This is where all things are home made/vintage. I have gotten so many great things from here, that I just love to see what I will find next. For your next summer trip I thought these few items might help you along.

1. For those sunny days on the river, the pool or just in the backyard, you could always use a big floppy hat. Every summer I have been getting one since 2006. I lost the one I had last year due to falling in the river. I did get it back, but it turned yellow and lost it's shape, so I had to retire it to Oscar the grouch's home. Here is my etsy find for a hat.

This hat is from the seller: sheenasatana. 

2. The next item on my list is another item that I currently have. I actually just got this item a few weeks ago at a local flea market that we went to when my brother came up. If you look at the post below of chelsea, you will see it. I have been looking for a great suitcase for a few years now, and when I saw this one, it was love at first sight. I had a suitcase that wasn't as cool, so I put travel stickers all over it to spruce it up, however it doesn't compare to my new one. Here's a similar suitcase from the ETSY shop of: Flyingace.

 3. This item I thought would be super cool for those summer nights by the campfire. I mean isn't that what camping is all about? A campfire? with smores? Even in 100 degree weather, you would still be cool with this thing. This item is from ETSY seller: rotisaprong.

4. Next is an item that just screams summer. I have been wanting this item for a few years as well. A Bike. I have a bike, but its from when I was 12. It still works thanks to my awesome coworker Tom. He graciously fixed Matt and I's bikes last weekend so that we could go geo-cashing with him and his girlfriend. But that's another story that I will get to at another time. Back to the sweet bike. Just imagine cruising through the park in your red flashy bike. awww, love it. This item is already sold on ETSY, but I am sure you can find one on EBAY or at a local flea market. The seller was: smackle.

5. Lastly, how could you make it through those summer days with out capturing it. Here is a cute lil camera that would give your pics a vintage touch.  This is from the ETSY seller: FalconandFinch. I know I have my camera with me at all times to catch all of those crazy moments that only happen once. So be sure to have yours with you too!

I hope you enjoyed my summer have to have list. Now go out and get ready for summer fun and heat. Maybe next time I'll feature sprinklers and water slides. Oooo, now that's a cool idea.

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Matt Wegner said...

Hi Dara,

Thanks for picking our product (The Rotis-a-Prong) as one of your summer picks. We're honored that you like it enough to highlight it on your blog.

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