Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricane Guests!

We had the great pleasure this labor day wknd to have matt's sister and her 3 children visit.  They came to visit because Gustav was visiting their house. I was a little nervous because we now live in a small apartment and I was afraid we might get tired of each other. But, it didnt seem that way once we all settled in. I actually had a GREAT time.  We did tons of shopping and went to the movies, and spent lots of "quality" time together. The girls are 13 and 12, and Logan is 8. We talked about boys and played charades. I took them by my work to show them the longhorn cows in the front yard of my office. I am totally amazed by these HUGE things. Here's a few pics of us playin around! I wish everyone in La. the best with the storm and I hope everyone had minimal damage! God Bless!


German said...

I bet Matt had a blast with all that estrogen. Everything is fine at the German house, tree limbs everywhere though, but no damage to the house. Sorry I didn't get a chance to call ya'll back cell phone reception was hit/miss till today and now I'm at work hooray..

Mrs. Lola said...

It sounds like you guys had a good time. I'm glad to hear everyone faired well! I think these hurricanes are getting a little too close to home. I never remember them coming so close to Many.

Scarlett said...

How cute are they? Ya'll look like you could be sisters with the pretty hair and the big sunglasses.

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