Monday, September 15, 2008

Humming season

Before Matt and I moved we had a  little oasis in our backyard (as I like to call it). We had bird feeders, corn for the squirrels, and a resident snake matt didnt tell me about till we moved. Thank goodness. We tried to make our new apartment feel like home so we brought a few of our plants and our hummingbird feeder to put on our balcony.  Since the seasons are changing (unfortunately not in the south, but somewhere) we are starting to see more of our hummers come around to eat before they fly south.  Right before Ike came (the hurricane) we saw like 4-6 of them fighting to eat.  They are really funny birds.  Sometimes they dont see us when they are fighting and almost run into us.  Here are a few of them trying to catch a bite. 

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