Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simple gifts & hubby greatness

Last night Matt and I opened each others gifts. We will be leaving tonight to head down to south Louisiana (the swampland) back home. So we decided to do our own Christmas on Mon night. We plugged in our Christmas tree lights and turned Harry Connick Jr on. I got Matt and new dress shirt and tie since he'll need a lot of those in the next coming months. I also got him a new light weight fleece for those days he rides the bus and its a lil chilly. Matt loves Get Smart, he used to watch it all the time when he was younger so I got what I thought was the old episodes but it was a movie with the old characters...so he was excited nonetheless. I have started watching a new show (new to me) Pushing Daises. I absolutely love it! its such a creative and whimsical show. There's a lot of verbage and its told in a storybook fashion. so Matt got me the first season, since we (meaning I) started watching it in the second season. Now I can find out whats really going on. haha. He also got me a 2 year subscription to "Real Simple" magazine . Which is the best mag. out there. My mom started to receive it LONG ago, when they first came out. I used to take hers and read it all, and she'd never see it..sorry mom. so she ordered it for me for a few years. I think i have almost every issue still at my house. For my final gift my Wonderful Hubby gave me a sewing machine. I am Soooo excited. I tried to take a sewing class a few months back but i didnt have my own sewing machine, so I couldnt take it. Matt remembered me being upset and wanted to get it for me. I was so surprised because I didnt think he remembered me talking about it, because I often talk about things I want and then I forget about it. lol. I am pretty excited becuase now I can hem my own pants and finish some pursed I tried to make in college. Sad huh? So now everyone might be receiving handmade items for the next few birthdays and holidays. lol. I will have to make post the pics of us later. I just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful Hubby I have. As we all know!!

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