Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here is just a taste of our trip to Puerto Rico. We had a great time and we were keptvery busy. I think we covered just about the whole island. These pics are from San Juan on our second day. It was beautiful. We went to the old fort "el morro". It was used to keep pirates out. How cool is that....well it was used to keep out others too!

the view from El Morro looking out at San Juan

el yunque rainforest


Scarlett said...

Okay, now I really hate Damon. I SOOOOOO should have gone to Puerto Rico this summer! Those pics are gorgeous! I saw your brother and his beautiful bride at church this past Sunday and she was absolutely glowing. It is so awesome to see them both so happy. We miss you two so much! Tell Map hello and hurry up with the schooling so you can come home!

German said...

Wow that's awesome, the waterfall picture cracks me up though, ton of people just standing around drinking in front of this beautifal scenery kind of odd.

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