Friday, May 25, 2012

sweetest picture ever

Happy Friday!! 
I am so glad it is almost the weekend, how about you? Especially since its a 3 day weekend. I will be out most of next week for medical stuff so my weekend will be even longer, even though it won't really be fun. What plans does everyone have for memorial day? I am afraid mine will be spent in bed, so maybe we can grill out early on Sunday. Does everyone else usually grill, go to the movies, take it easy?

 As I was scrolling through my camera looking for pictures to post on, I ran across the sweetest picture ever. At least for me, it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and makes me fall in love with my puppy all over again. On one of our many trips to Louisiana, I captured my cutie while he was napping on my lap.

 (close up)

This is a rare occurrence since he LOVES to look out the window. Every time he settles down and starts to knock off, we get caught at a red light, stop sign or make a turn. Since we live far away from the interstate system (ha) we take mostly back roads till we get to Louisiana. So neither of us gets much sleep till we cross that state line. Mac used to chill in the back seat until we took a long trip through Tennessee and Illinois and ever since he likes to be up front. We even got him a seat belt, but he just cries till he gets his way. He is just like a child, I know. Needy and stubborn. That's why images like these just melt my heart and remind me of how sweet he can be. 

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Anonymous said...

he is adorable! i want to get a puppy so badly, but i have 3 cats and i don't think that would work so well.. lol great blog girl!

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