Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We've Moved!

I'm baaack! I know I often have lots of time lapses on this here blog, but this time its for a good reason.  I promise.

 We Moved!

Not only did we move once, we moved twice. Also, Matt got a new job and I left mine. So see, it has been busy around here for us. We first moved for Matt's new job, which led us to stay with my brother while we house searched, then we moved when we finally found our house. I will catch everyone up in another post, but for now lets take a look at our house/homestead progression.

Our first house back in Louisiana, great size. 
1175 sq ft 
lived here: 2 years
 I love our first little house. We moved to Texas from here for Matt to get his MBA at Texas A&M.

Our tiny little apartment in a four-plex building 
800 sq ft 
lived here: almost 3 yrs 
It was pretty cozy. We gave more than half of our stuff to our parents and anyone that would help to store it all for us.

Our duplex 
1300 sq ft
lived here: 1 year
It let us loosen our belts and breath a little. It felt like a home. Mac finally had a backyard to run around in, unleashed at that (finally). 

My brothers house
the second floor 
lived here: a little over 3 mths
Got to spend great time with family and become closer with them. 

Our new home!!! 
 2290 sq ft 
will live here: for a long time!

I will post pictures of the inside along with more details soon. I am just so excited that we have a "house" of our own again. I know no matter where we lived it was "home" but it is great to have something that is ours again. 

Did anyone else have big changes over the summer? I felt like I was completely out of reality for the past few months while we were house searching, does that happen to anyone else? 


Allie said...

Love the new house! Hope you and Matt are doing well!

Scarlett Pourciau said...

Your new house is beautiful! Can't wait to see the inside!

Colleen Marie said...

Loved this post, such a cute representation of how our lives change. Nice new house, hopefully we will find something similar with our next move!

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