Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Smith Family

Today I took some pictures of the Smith family. Actually I took there pictures twice today! Traci is my Mary Kay lady and a friend from my ABWA (LWEN) group. She asked if I would take their family pictures and also if I wouldn't mind taking a few of her husband working. Her husband Brian is a pastor @ Community Bible Church, so I was more than happy to oblige. We went to downtown Bryan for a few family pictures . Let me tell you, 4pm on a sunday afternoon in Bryan is the place to be if you are a photographer or if you want your picture taken. I counted at least 5, yes 5, photographers down there. I haven't ever seen that many in one place. Not even in downtown New Orleans, City Park, or Baton Rouge. I guess when you are in a small town you don't have a lot of options, unless you want to stand in a pasture or next to a cow. Which is pretty cool sometimes. Well you see below why everyone was in one spot. There is an old marquee sign for the Queen theater that is no longer in use. It makes for a great picture  though! Oh, and did I mention how good looking this family is. Traci has to put up with all boys in her household so I can see why she had to get this cute lil put named Millie!

the Queen Theatre. Millie's first appearance.

Traci, isn't she fabulous.

MILLIE! isn't she cute in her lil jacket! Love this pic of Traci.

The boys hamming it up! They were a trip.


Lindsey said...

I love your photography! I may need to inlist your services some time this next year. My hubby and I haven't had pictures done since our wedding. It is high time!

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Rebecca and Chad said...

Hey! These pictures are really good - The next time you are here -maybe this summer - I would love for you to take pictures of my family - we have never had family pictures taken.

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