Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hubby's Graduation

YEA!!!!! The day has arrived.This is the reason we moved to Texas and started over to make a wonderful life for my hubby to get his MBA @ Texas A&M. And this weekend Matt finalized the deal. HE GRADUATED!!! yippy! Thursday Matt had his first graduation at the Business school, and then on Saturday he had his big graduation with the rest of the university. I am so proud and excited for Matt, his opportunities are endless. We have enjoyed our time here in Aggieland and have made friends for a lifetime. Who can forget the Aggies and all of their traditions. Hopefully soon we will be on our way to bigger and better things because now hubby is going through the treacherous job search to hopefully find the job of his dreams, or one close enough.  Below are a few pictures of the weekend.

The Graduate crossing the stage! go hubby!
All that for a piece of paper! 
aww. handsome hubby posing for me. 
of course, I had to jump in for a few! huggs!

We definitely could not have done it with out Matt's wonderful parents!  (aren't they cute)

And, Matt couldn't have made it with out these guys either, his best buds Cale and Clint!

                 But of course, you cannot forget the Aggie Ring. Now this is what we came here for.

To celebrate, we had the best cake ever! Cookie cake!


The Pourciau Family said...

Yay!!!! Go Matt! Congratulations to you both. We are so proud and can genuinely appreciate the sacrifices you BOTH made to reach this goal! We are sooooo happy for you!

German said...

Congrats! Seems like just yesterday ya'll were off to Texas! What are the plans now?

Meredith and Emma said...

Congrats!! We are so proud of Matt and of course you too. I'm praying that Matt finds an awesome job (preferrably in Pineville LOL). Hope great things happen for yall, you guys deserve it. Love you.

dara said...

Thanks for all of your love and support Pourciau's.
Thanks German, we are still unsure of our next step. Hopefully God will guide us in the right direction.
Mere & Emma, we love ya'll too! Thanks for your prayers, we always welcome them. We hope to be near friends also either in pineville, houston or back home! My prayers are always still with you! miss ya girl!

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