Monday, December 7, 2009

Book signing w/ PW, (pioneer woman) Ree Drummonds

So my friend and co-worker Heather sent me this blog called Pioneer woman...hmm, ok, well I am not a pioneer and far from it, I'm from the city suburbs and even though I dream about living in the country,  we don't really live in it, (although surrounded by it) so I thought ok, lets see what this country girl has.  Well, she has a huge website full of information. I don't know how she comes up with all of it. She is a jack (or Jill) of all trades. SHE IS JUST LIKE ME!!!! (well, to an extent) I was soo excited. She cooks, does crafts, takes pictures, and etc. She was a city girl who married a country boy, ahhhh. haha...but thats ok,  I love my finance man! Anyway, she just published her cookbook, so Heather and I drove to Houston to go to her book signing. She spoke to everyone for a short while and then began her hour(s) long book sigining part. On a side note, while she was talking to everyone, I got to talk to a few other ladies there and they all coveted my camera. hehe. I felt so cool. We had a few hours to wait till we had to get in line for the signing (they gave us color coded cards that had assigned times) so we went to the Katy Mills mall (love that place) and did a lil window shopping.(wink wink). When we got back to the signing we only had to wait about 10 mins. Awesome. (we had heard that in Dallas, people had to wait in line 7 hrs). Ree was so nice, although we didn't really get to talk to her, we were so excited to meet her in person. Oh, and a perk for going to see her at the book signing was that we got super cute shirts that say pioneer woman on it and it also has her book tour on the back (sounds weird I know, but its super cute). Be sure to check out her website, its a wealth of knowledge, photos and tons of funny stories. Here are a few pics from the day.

PW during the question and answer time.

More questions and answers

Heather in line waiting

Me in line waiting. (yes, that is a rubber ducky in my hand. We gave it to PW b/c it was maroon from aggieland, or bath and body works, but he was maroon, so he was automatically an aggie.)

Heather, Ree (PW) and Me. 

                              PW and Me. ( I look so nervous, I'm such a dweeb)


Jenna said...

I was there also, so much fun. Cute pictures!

dara said...

thanks Jenna!

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