Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zach - Senior from AR

Howdy folks, or should I say Hey y'all! A few weekends ago I got to go home and spend a short time with my family and friends. (A weekend is Never enough time) We got in to my parents house around 2am. It takes about 7 hours from where we are in Texas to get there. So since we got in late, we had a late start to the day on Saturday where I was starting with my Sister and her family portraits. More to come on that later though. In the afternoon I got to photograph Zach. One of our great friends, The Pourciau's, used to babysit Zack when he was little. Now that he is all grown up and about to graduate they wanted to give him the best present in the whole wide world, a photo session with me. (am I right or am I right?) So we went on down to the best City park that I know, New Orleans. This park has the most amazing oak trees, that would make a southern girl swoon. We also took Zach's older sister Tabitha's pictures here a few years ago, so this place was a no brainer. This was one of the first great weekends in a long time so that park was packed with picnicking families, weddings, photographers, and jungle gym happy kids. We also had to try and dodge parades and pro games that might be going on.  Nonetheless, we still found some great locations that were people free.  Here are a few pictures of our handsome senior Zach, doesn't he look like a model in this picture right below? He was such a great sport!


The Pourciau Family said...

Thanks so much, Dara! I love the pictures! Such a handsome boy! The fact that I changed his diapers makes me feel almost old enough to wear a hat with a curved bill. Haha!

To The Moon and Back said...

Great photos! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog:)

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