Monday, April 27, 2009

Talia Rose 6 mos.

This weekend was a busy one. I had three photo session. Two of the included multiple kids. I started at 9am at my sister's house to take pictures of my niece Talia for her 6 mos. session. I LOVE this age. They are just starting to sit up and still smile when you smile at them. Not too bad. I also took some of my other nieces Emma and Sadie. I will post those later. For now here's a few of Talia. I will put better quality pics up later today. I will also put some more pics up from this wknd.

                                                      My Favorite shot #2
                                                   My Favorite shot #1
                                                   This one cracks me up, I love these!


Kate said...

Um, could this child BE any cuter (said in the Chandler Bing voice).

The Pourciau Family said...

These are the BEST pictures I have EVER SEEN! You must update your website. Talia is gorgeous! Her eyes just pop out at you! I love it!

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