Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sewing slowly

Last night, I brought out my brand new sewing machine that my wonderful hubby got me for christmas. I am soo afraid of it, I'm not sure why. My mother-in-law, showed me a few things on her sewing machine during Christmas at her house and I was pretty comfortable with hers. But it's so different since I've never used this one and it is a little different. I am afraid that I'll break it or mess up my clothes. I braved it out though and started by putting thread on my bobin. mission accomplished. I had problems putting the bobin in the bottom part however. (bear with me I dont know the lingo yet) But I got everything working just like it should a few minutes later. I had a pair of pants that I got from the Limited for $11.99, (nice deal, so if i mess them up, im only out $12.) they were too long so I needed to hem them. Matt also had one of his favorite t-shirts that had a hole in the arm. So, I practiced first on a piece of fabric that Mrs. Pat had given me and then mended matt's poor shirt. He was so excited, it was probably b/c of the smile on my face that I had succeded in my first job. haha. Next I pinned my pants and started sewing them. Its not the best job ever, by far, but it works. Luckily the legs are the same length, but the width between the stitch and bottom of pants are not even. I tried. I am a little sad, but like I said the pants were $12 and who ever looks at the bottom of someone's pants. I have a few more sewing projects to do, a lot of heming pants. I guess I am pretty short! (5'4") I also will be making a curtain for our bathroom, I will definately post pics when that is done. Sorry for the long and boring blog, I just wanted everyone to know of my great accomplishment. Tackling the Sewing machine.

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The Pourciau Family said...

Hey! Tab looked at your website and LOVED your work. Let me know when you will be home in the next couple of months so we can set something up. I would like to wait for everthing to get green, but some of the azaleas are already blooming!

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