Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Meier Family

This weekend I had a couple of photo sessions so I am trying to finally get them posted. Here is the Meier family. I work with Dave and he so graciously bid (& won) on my photo session that I had offered as a charity item for our work fundraiser. We took our pictures here in College Station @ Research Park, by the George Bush Library. Its a really pretty park, but you have to watch out for all of the dogs. They like to come and jump in the ponds and play around. I got clobbered by a cute (but big) dog named Hudini. The Meier family was so fun and probably my second easiest photo session ever. Here are a few of the pictures from this session.

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The Pourciau Family said...

How cute! I love the one in front of the pond! (and yes, Stella was on the potty in the video. It's where she does her best thinking...haha!)

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