Friday, September 25, 2009

my new favorite blog

I can not explain how much I love this blog called "bakerella". My co-worker Heather told me about it and now I am hooked. she makes AMAZING cakes and anything you can bake and tells you how to make it yourself. LOVE IT! One post that I was reading she made a"Doberge" cake. I sooo miss my Doberge cakes from New Orleans and I was just talking about making one, when I saw her post. I want to attempt to make this cake and lots of other items on her menu. So be on the lookout for more food and recipe related posts.

she also made some some cake pops that I am going to attempt to make. Here's how cute they look.

Now if I can only get my kitchenaid mixer, life would be so much easier to bake. (giggling) My poor Hubby, I get to bake for fun and he has to eat all the goodies after I am done.


The Pourciau Family said...

Your "comments appreciated" sign cracks me up! Those cake pops are very cute. If they are a success let me know....I'll figure out a way to sucker you into making them for Stella's next birthday bash! haha

Heather said...

dude! My fav blog toooo and thanks for givin me the credit for finding it ; ) hehe. And poor Alex AND Matt...I make Alex eat everything I bake also...and thats like one thing a week! We end up throwing a lot of baked goods away usually because we can't finish them : (

Meredith & Emma said...

I'm making the pumpkin bites tonight....will let you know how they turn out...I LOVE this new blog.

Meredith & Emma said...

So I did try the pumpkin bites and they were OK...not too hard to make, just didn't have a sweet enough taste to it, even with the chocolate drizzle. Next time, I'll add more sugar to the pumpkin mixture or sugar coat the pie crust. Not terrible though.

Comments are much appreciated!